Work Hard, Play Harder Balance

cropped-Briefcase-and-drink-pic-smaller.jpgFinding balance in life is hard.  I come from a family that believes in hard work.  Being an eyewitness to this instilled a similar appreciation in me for working hard to provide for my family.  That being said all work and no play makes Cori a sad girl.  The question becomes can you fit the fun in that you deserve after all the hard work you put in???

My keys to making all this happen came in a simple recipe:

Work Hard, Play Harder, R & R and repeat. 

Step 1: Work Hard.
Hard work is a foundation for a lot of the things I want to accomplish in life.  I was born and breed to be a workaholic so in some ways I have accepted it.  In other ways I know that I have to give myself guidelines when enough is enough.  Once I have put in the time and worked to accomplish the goals which can realistically be done in a day I have to turn in it off.  Once work is done…Let the play time begin.

Step 2: Play Harder.
Whether it is traveling, parties or just letting my hair loose with friends when play time comes I always want to play hard.  Part of the balance in playing hard that comes from just living in the moment when you are in play mode.  When play time is too muddled with work then it really comes closer to being bad work time and/or bad play time.  It is okay to detach from your email and to do list and just appreciate the time you have to do the things you enjoy.

Step 3: R & R.
The final (and probably most critical component) is the R & R.  Getting in the rest and relaxation your body needs is the stitching that keeps the whole work/play quilt together.  Both work and play can honestly be equally tiring.  To do both work and play and do it well you have to put some effort  in just being still and quiet, resting, and daring I say it…even doing nothing.  Giving your battery time to recharge makes sure that you both work and play hard.

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