What I learned in my cleanng fast


Going through your first fast will probably introduce you to some things you may have never thought you would do.  Although I consider myself having pretty healthy eating preferences, I don’t eat a lot of fried foods or beef or pork, the idea of juicing kale or only drinking several liters of water a day never particularly appealed to me.  While in the middle of the fast it is really hard to understand the benefits because you are hungry and probably a little irritable.  Once your fast is all said and done there are some important lessons that you can begin to incorporate into your everyday living that help to progress the health or weight loss goals that initially inspired the cleansing fast.

1.  Drink more water.  I think everyone knows they are supposed to drink water, but it is more of a good idea instead of something most people usually practice.  The fast forced me to drink tons and tons of water so I had a chance to challenge the excuse I always made to drinking water of not liking the taste (or lack thereof).  On the fast I really challenged myself to drink tons of water and along the way I found some great recipes of cleansing water that included simple additives to both improve the taste and stimulate your body to do the work to cleanse itself.  Here is a little cheat sheet of additives that you can add to your water that adds both favor and health benefits

  • Tangerine: increases sensitivity to insulin, stabilizes blood sugar, and stimulate genes to burn fat
  • Grapefruit: adds vitamin C to help transform fat into fuel
  • Cucumber: natural diuretic to decrease bloating and water retention
  • Peppermint: decreases bloating

2.  Meal Prep. The main reason to cheat on healthy living in a busy life is convenience.  When you are running around doing the things you need to do it is hard to take a break and find the things that you are supposed to eat.  While you are fasting, your eating options are super limited and in order to be successful with a cleanse you have to prepare your drinks to bring them with you throughout your day.   In being forced to prepare things from juice to water to snacks in the day I learned that a small amount of focus in my off time had a big play off when I got busy.  Even when off a fast, preparing healthy snacks or meals once a week help you resist temptation when things are on.

3.  Benefits of juicing. If you do your homework you can quickly find that nature has its own solutions to assisting your body cleanse itself.  The biggest impact of my fast for me was the energy I got from the juicing regimen.  I expected to be very tired, and although the first couple of days were rough, by the end of the week I was up and about in the wee hours of the morning.  There are tons of different juicing recipes, all with different benefits.  Fruits and veggies are chalked full of the things need to energize your body and with the fuel you need you are locked and loaded to managing a busy lifestyle.

Photo Courtesy of Livin’ Spoonful at flickr.com

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