Well Suited – 5 Ways to Refresh Your Look

5 Tips to Updating Men's Style

5 Tips to Updating Men’s Style by Jamay Fishback

Making a great fresh impression can lead to new opportunities, a new job, and a new outlook on the New Year.  Men’s style guru Jamay Fishback has some priceless insight on great tips for men to refresh your old wardrobe and prepare for the possibilities of the New Year.

  1. 1. Recut

A sports coat with quality milling need not go to the donation pile.  Your favorite jacket, yes the one with the patches on the elbows can easily make its second debut with a simple recut. Our current trend is shorter and trimmer.  Loose the pleats! Your tailor can easily remove the pleats from your trousers for less than a new pair of quality trousers. The flat front trouser gives you a slimmer more tailored look. Loose the cuff! Again loosing that cuff adds to your “my close fit me” look.

2. Buttons and Holes

Add a simple flare by changing the buttons or the color of the button holes on your dress shirt or sports coat. On a white shirt, light blue or light grey button holes keep the classic feel of a white shirt present but add just a little more style especially on your tieless days. These are all simple updates that can be done at your local tailor.

3. Accessories

Yes, men you have them too! Refresh that same old back suit with a colorful pocket square. Insert a lapel flower in that overlooked lapel hole that is just waiting for some attention. Your tie would love some attention as well, add a tie pin or bar, this is a classic look that signifies the essence of a gentleman. And don’t forget those cuffs. Why not turn your single button mitered into a convertible cuff that allows you to wear cufflinks without the extra fold of a French cuff. Your tailor can make this simple transition for you.

4. Mix and Match

Black sports coat, grey trousers, grey and black vest… Why not? Use the pieces in your closet to refresh your look. Navy sports coat, navy and light blue striped trousers… Works for me! Don’t be afraid to mix and match suit pieces. Here is the rule: Use on solid piece. Grey and black Plaid trousers and pinstriped grey and black sports coats… NO GO!

5. Explore the wonderful world of color

Don’t be afraid of pink, I promise it won’t bite. Lavender is also a very friendly color to incorporate in your closet pallet. To keep it conservative use pastels with a dark tie. A herringbone milling will add dimension and sophistication to your color selections. After all, real men wear pink!

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