Washing away ones worries with a beach day

Day at the BeachI’m not sure if it is the heat rays or crashing waves or rolling sand but something about a beach demands you take a break from life and relax.  With every step as you make your wave from the car through the sand to the ocean you begin to drop some of the things that are usually hard to let go.   I am always more inclined to leave my computer in the car and blame the wind for my inability to bring papers with me down to the water.  With that I step away from the life whose demands I am always bowing to.  On my trip to Los Angeles at the Santa Monica Pier I was able to eat, laugh, and just enjoy the now.

The feeling of peace and fun that a beach vibrates is contagious.  It surrounds everyone who is there as you see kids play in the sand, adults crashing in the waves or catching some rays and everyone enjoying some of the most precious gifts nature has to offer.  It is a great reminder of just how beautiful and majestic nature is and a chance, if taken, to put the priorities of life in the order that counts.  By looking face to face at things that have stood the test of time, the sun and ocean and sand, you reminder just how temporary things we make important can be.  Troubles at work, problems with bills, fights with family all wash away over time and the waves and setting of the beach is a great reminder of that.  Watching my daughter and family play gave me a chance to sit back and reflect and enjoy the reason for all of the work and hustle and a reminder to be thankful for the blessings each day brings instead of being bogged down with the trouble that accompanies it.

Beach days are a great way to remember that the present is just that, a present.


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