Updating your ponytail with a braid or twist

Braid-and-Twist-for-ponytailsHouston is not the best place for your hair style.  If it’s not humid then it’s raining and if it’s not raining its hot enough to break a neck sweat on the walk to your car.  Most of us learn to adapt and in some form or fashion and ponytails are usually a forerunner in the catalog of what to do with my hair in this weather.  I am a big fan of the advantages of ponytails: your hair is out of your face, neat, and have a higher barrier of protection for whatever the weather brings your way.  On the other hand, I like to keep things new and wearing a ponytail every day gets boring.  I have the perfect combination of variation and control with my hair by adding some twists or braids to a regular ponytail.

Adding a braid is a good way to add some fun variation to your hair style and take it from boring to interesting in a matter of minutes.  My go to, especially when I am in a rush, is a quick twist of a small section by my hair line.  If you are not used to it, it can take some time to pull it together.  Starting small with a twist is easy enough to do and correct if you find there are sections that you do not like.  If you can pull together small sections of your hair then you can do a twist.  You will have some extra protection from the elements and when the day is done you have some nice waves in your hair as a reward.  Practice does make perfect but the better you become, the more intricate the braids or twists can be.  My love for twists is only deepened in that it can be done on almost any hair type and produce some striking results.   The next time you are faced with the same old boring ponytail of protection, try adding something new with a twist or braid and a new look is guaranteed.

Photo Courtesy of Hairromance.com and hairstylesforwomen.com

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