Ultimate versatility with the Convertible Jumpsuit

Convertible Jumpsuit with back tieIt is not rare for me to have the face the challenge of finding one outfit to provide a good fit for multiple occasions all on one day.  Many outfits have tried but few offer the endless possibilities than one of my favorite pieces, the convertible jumpsuit.  As the jumpsuit provides the comfort of pants with the look of a dress and the options to take the look from conservative to va-va voom sexy few others pieces can even hold a candle to the style options.

First and foremost on days where events are lined up back to back there is nothing that can give you an energy boost more than really being comfortable in what you are wearing.  The loose fit of the pants give a great fit for almost any size.  The wide legged pants spread to give the look of a maxi skirt or dress so you can be sure to be appropriate even in the most conservative situations.  The rest of the options go to the styling of the top and when it comes to that the sky is the limit.

Convertible Jumpsuit cut outsThe versatility of the jumper comes in the long straps that can be wrapped, tied, twisted and bowed in combination after combination to fit your occasion.  I have taken these options to do a full bodied wrap when at work to a back tie for a “business in the front, party in the back” look to a one shoulder tie for a little drama.  Most recently I wore the back in a wrap which gave a high tie of the straps for an open back look and moved on later to a new event and new look with wrapping to give the look of cutouts in the front and back.  Depending on the ties you can offer more or less support where you need it and even use the tie to give some cinching at the waist for a more sculpted look.  With this option the sky is really the limit and you can let your imagination run wild on ways the convertible jumpsuit can showcase your style while highlighting your best assets regardless of the event.





  1. Wow, that’s pretty awesome with the way you can switch it up like that! It looks fab on you! I need to find a similar piece.

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