Two heads are better than one

Think and Grow Rich Mastermind group

Think and Grow Rich Mastermind group

There is something about the combination of different knowledge, ideas, and perspectives that someone how makes solving problems easier.  The idea that two heads are better than one can be particularly true as you make strides towards success.  The truth is no one really achieves great success without help from others around them.  Perhaps that is co-workers whose efforts strengthen your drive or the confidants who challenge you to re-evaluate who you are and how you operate.  Every tale of success has others that give important opportunities, fill in the gaps of resources and knowledge, and act as a cheerleader when the going gets hard.

I was able to get a true sense of the power this idea of combining for success can make in the completion of the Think and Grow Rich Executive Book Club.  From a start as strangers all with different goals and plans we were able to walk through the book and a part of our lives together.  Few things compare for motivation as seeing the in transformation from others and hearing and sharing dreams with the support that makes your dreams feel a lot more concrete.  To add to this motivation comes the inspiration in having others along in a shared journey.  No this journey is not one where everyone has the same goals or experiences but it is one where everyone has made a commitment to weather the storm in order to claim the successes that hard work and persistence ensures them.  With this trust in a group that everyone is equally vested in each other’s success you get the true benefit of two heads being better than one.

When others are equally vested in your success hearing them making a critique no longer sounds like criticism but as someone whose is invested in your success and takes your success or failure as their own.  Once energy and effort come together in this light the sky is the limit.  From their eyes you can see old problems in new light and foresee problems and concerns that were previously unimaginable.  Each conversation and problem shared opens up a new passage and expands the collective knowledge without having to make the personal investment of walking in someone else’s shoes.  Pulling a powerful team together that wants to assist you on your road multiplies the strides you can make by yourself as the team energy can fuel your desires and capabilities.


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