Travel Recap: SLS Miami promises and delivers on a luxury experience

Shots at SLS MiamiI will happily admit that I like my share of luxury.  Although luxury is often defined in hefty price tags and exclusive settings, when you walk away what you are left with after a luxury experience how the experience made you feel.  Even the most expensive item feels pretty cheap if you walk away feeling you were not treated as lavishly as the price tag.  In almost every case of an encounter with true luxury the people define just what that experience is.  At my most recent stay at the SLS Miami I was once again reminded that the beautiful location, hip décor, and party atmosphere was just the appetizer for the main course in luxury: the superb service from a great staff. Shots and us at SLS Miami

I am not stranger to fun at the SLS Miami.  Once it opened in Miami I heard pretty quickly of the fun that went on at Hyde.  There is no question that if you are looking for a true Miami experience Hyde is a great place to start.  Just the people watching along gives you ringside seats to some of the beautiful people and crazy times that Miami has to offer.  SLS Miami Hyde poolsideThe day party always promises a good time with music that makes the hotel the envy of the block when approaching the hotel from the beach.  Although the hotel offers all of the Miami decadence one could want, you also have the choice in your experience to turn up or turn down to make your luxury experience everything YOU want it to be.  As I am always on a chase for balance I like that the choice is indeed mine as I enjoyed time relaxing on the beach and poolside in luxurious cabanas and lounges that define fun in the sun for me. SLS Miami beachside

Regardless of if my choice is party or relaxing, I am always pleasantly surprised by the exceptional service the hotel has to offer.  Everyone I encountered went above and beyond to make sure I was having a great time from the second the cab pulled up and I was escorted to my room.  Each member of the staff taking the couple of extra steps, giving those extra smiles and genuine conversations that make you feel like you are more around old friends than a guest at the hotel.  By the end of my trip I always walk around feeling well taking care of ready for my next visit.  When in Miami there are a ton of luxury hotels, but the welcoming staff at the SLS Miami always come through with setting themselves apart from the crowd in delivering on a fantastic experience. SLS Miami walk to the beach

Picutres courtesy of SLS Miami





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