Touring the Blue Mountains for the nature side of Sydney

Featherdale Wildlife Park in the Blue Mountains (5)One thing I knew in deciding to take a trip as far as Australia, I wanted to get in everything I could during my visit so of course seeing the Outback was high on my to do list.  Although not exactly the Outback I envisioned from growing up watching Crocodile Dundee, I was able to dive into some of the culture, history and natural beauty of more developed portions of Australia by Touring the Blue Mountains.

Scenic World in the Blue Mountains (3) Scenic World in the Blue Mountains (2)The Blue Mountains are a beautiful part of Australia that provides the chance to take on the challenge of exploring the great outdoors.  From state forests to botanical gardens and even waterfalls the area offers a more unchanged vision of Australia.  The Blue Mountains are located about an hour away from Sydney by car so we decided to make the trek using a touring service.  Given the popularity of the destination there are a lot of tours offering the service so you can go with the best price or best amenities.  For us we wanted something a little smaller and with included features like scones and breakfast in the morning and lunch we found our fit with Blue Diamond.  Scenic World in the Blue Mountains (1)It was a sharp contrast to the full buses of visitors to the same attractions but for a little bit more we found the comfort and amenities of the tour to provide both a luxurious and comfortable trip to the Blue Mountains.

The worlds steepest train at Scenic World in the Blue MountainsWithin minutes of heading out of Sydney you clearly see some of the rustic allure of the Blue Mountains.  This old world charm ran throughout our first stop for warm scones and continued as we approached Scenic World.  This park in the Blue Mountains combines the heritage of the area with some new world attractions.  For the true nature lover you have a chance to descend the stairs into the rainforest and for those who want a bit of fun scenic world has to offer attractions such as the Skyway, Cableway and Railway should be right up your alley.  With a claim to fame as the world’s steepest railway, the train should not be missed.  Not only do you get a great view, the steep descent is very much like a roller coaster.  Scenic World in the Blue Mountains (6) Scenic World in the Blue Mountains (5) Scenic World in the Blue Mountains (4) Scenic World in the Blue Mountains (7) Scenic World in the Blue Mountains (8) Scenic World in the Blue Mountains (9)Once you arrive at the bottom you get a chance to explore the way miners lived and worked and use the walkway to explore some of the rainforest that explore the area.  I love being able to take nature walks and with ancient trees, exotic birds, and lush canopy all around it was a great place to relax and enjoy nature with the family.

Featherdale Wildlife Park in the Blue Mountains (4)As our tour stayed a steady pace ahead of the larger tour buses we head to lunch with some brief scenic stops of the 3 Sisters Rock formation before we arrived at one of the main tour highlights, Featherdale Wildlife Park.  There is no way I was leaving Australia without having my chance to get up close and personal with some of the wildlife that Australia is known for: Koalas and Kangaroos.  There are few places close to Sydney to get an up close and personal experience with these animals than Featherdale National Park.  You are literally surrounded by Koalas and Wallabys as you get to feed and pet these cuddly creatures.  Featherdale Wildlife Park in the Blue Mountains (3) Featherdale Wildlife Park in the Blue Mountains (2)My daughter was convinced of her connection with one, although I suspect the ready supply of ice cream cones and food had something to do with the love.  Even the sleepy koala, that naps about 20 hours a day, was present and awake for our Featherdale Tour.  From alligators to bats to Tasmanian Devils the park showcased the natural wildlife Australia has to offer.

As we were whisked away in our small Mercedes van just as the tour buses descended and headed to the ferry we enjoyed one last view of the beauty, charm, and authentic experience found in a tour of the Blue Mountains.





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