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Top Golf Fun 2For a fun spin on the game of golf, no one is doing it better than Top Golf.  Golfing has long been the mainstay sport for business transactions.  The time between holes gives time to stop and discuss matters and without some physical contact that other sports demand everyone usually shows a good amount of sportsmanship.  Thinking of taking a real celebration at a golf course is a new idea, however, and in celebrating my cousins 30th birthday I realized that you can indeed party and golf at the same time.

Top Golf Fun 3Top Golf Fun 4Top Golf offers a chance for kids and big kids, aka the adults who bring them, alike to take a whole new look at the game of golf.  Typically I steer away from golf because of the time commitment it takes to complete a round of golf.  When you factor in Houston heat and the fact that my bad form makes the game really creep by, it is a sport I usually don’t mind missing out on.  Top Golf has managed to take away the best components of both the game of golf, but also a fun night out with friends for the perfect combination to suit almost any temperament.  For those who are avid golf players you get give them a real chance to show off some skill and also share some pointers with some of the more golf game challenged.  For those who really just want to party the food and drink selections are the perfect way to start the night off with the bang.  With your time on the green limited to five shots at a time you can easily adjust your time commitment and still have a ball the rest of the time.  As some nights also feature a fun DJ you get a chance to dance, enjoy friends and share in the ups and downs that come with any sporting event.

Top Golf Fun 1No matter the skill level the great thing about sports is that they tend to bring people together.  You laugh together at your mistakes and also can all cheer together when someone makes an incredible long drive.  Between the Golfbag Fishbowls and laughing with my friends the time flew by at Top Golf for a really fun celebration of life and love.

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