Things you can’t miss on a quick trip to Miami

Miami Fun (4)If you are a glass is half full kind of person like me you know that you can pack a heck of a trip in just 2 days, especially to a destination like Miami! With tempting fare sales popping up you never know when there will be a perfect time and a perfect price to a dream destination like Miami.  I love the vibe of Miami, especially South Beach, as it is so full of energy.  No matter if you want to party or just keep it as a cool celebration between friends there is always something to do and see.  So on my most recent stop in Miami I took my 48 hour time frame very seriously in making sure I got some essentials in:

Miami Fun (2)Pool Time: Yes you probably have pools where you are from but really are the like the pools in Miami. Its like a convention of the beautiful people or the beautiful people and rich people they roll with.  I always stay at the SLS and the people watching cannot be beat!!  Plus with a cocktail waiter nearby at hand you can enjoy your time in the shade nestled in the lap of luxury.


Miami Fun (1)Beach Time: Very different than pool time I really like to take the time to relax and just soak in how awesome life is at the beach. There is something about the crashing of the waves and the beat of the sun that reminds me that I am alive.  Being still in that setting always is a call for gratitude for me and being grateful is the easiest way to see life through rose colored glasses.



Miami Fun (3)Drinks at Mangos: This could be said for your favorite bar on Ocean but the free flowing of alcohol and the ocean air usually makes for some crazy times on the beach. I adore the quesadillas at Mango’s and on top of that you get a show is I make it a must when I touch down on the city.   Grab something tropical and kick your feet up!!!

These three are my go to combo for fun in the city but however you take on Miami remember, you are on vacation, even if it is not a long lasting one you can enjoy every second of it.

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