The Urban Market Houston Antique Show

[slideshow_deploy id=’655′]Secretly I used to love the Antique’s Roadshow.  Something about the thrill of finding something that had been discarded only to find it is worth amazing amounts always made me want to try out antiquing myself.  As a serial shopper it seems easy enough to start the hunt but I never truly knew where to begin.  This weekend I was able to attend The Urban Market Houston Antique Show and on the map of antiquing the event is a big “X” marks the spot.

The event rolls around three times a year in Houston and the first show of the year was no disappointment.  As I am in the midst of moving into a new home inspiration abounded.  The thing that always inspires me with idea of antiquing is the chance to re-purpose something that has its own story and fit it into my own life and style.  This show leaves a great pebble trail to finds that speak to your style.  In strolling around the Antiques Show there are great finds from everything from jewelry to furniture to art and collectibles.  Each booth presents the opportunity to not only find something awesome but also get some more clues on your Antique Treasure Hunt.  The vendors for the booth all have their own style and when you find one that speaks to you, you have a partner on your hunt.  There is nothing better than having a guide to show you the ropes as you begin on your roads to antiquing.  And if you are no novice to the process expanding your horizons and getting some great deals in the process.  No matter where you are in the process the Urban Market Houston Antique Show is a good way to get some great finds with some great prices as you find your own antiquing style.


  1. Thank you, Cori! So happy you could come to the Urban Market on Saturday. Love your blog post.

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