The rise of the Sneakers

Kicks for all agesSneakers are something that most professionals segment only to certain areas of their lives.  Outside of trips to the gym or chasing kids in the park sneakers can often go dormant for the other periods in your life where you focus is on your look instead of on your comfort.  Sneakers have fortunately been reimagined by designers to produce shoes that give you the coveted combo of comfort and style.  Here is what’s new in the world of sneakers that help you expand their scope in your closet.

Sarah Jessica Parker in ChucksKeeping it casual: Sneakers still reign supreme when it comes to errand running.  Throwing on the first comfortable pair you see suit that “let’s get ‘er done” style of running errands.  With new styles out you can add some style to your comfort go to.  By keeping it simple with the Chuck Taylors many of us grew up on you can move away from the athletic style and move to a casual and current style your kids or spouse are not embarrassed by.

Aldo Haliadia WedgeAll day apparel: I love any look you can rock from day to night.  By changing up on the look and materials of traditional sneakers you can reinvent a causal look and make sure your style is infused throughout your apparel.   Current fashion trends such as maxi dresses and leggings all look great when styled with a sneaker that adds some fun and shine and dare I say a little funk.  Keep it simple with sneakers like these burlap sneakers from Aldo or adding some spice with sneakers with studs that put style on top even with the comfort you know and love in sneakers.

Lamb - Freeda in GreyStepping out for the night: The wedge sneaker is really where I think the sneakers had the biggest win in entering a new era.  I adore the long legged look you get from high heels and heels are my natural go to when I want to get dressed up or go out.  For me it is usually the higher the better.   I resisted the urge to try wedge sneakers for a long time, thinking it was just a passing trend.  All this is easy to say until you go out for a night on the town and your feet actually do not hurt at the end of the night.   The impact heels had on feet after 2 hours or more of standing can change a smile into a frown in zero to sixty.  In situations where walking or a lot of standing is required, the support and comfort that comes from a wedge sneaker cannot be topped. With the wide range of sneakers that exist, your look can be more casual or dressy all with the same ease.  One try on a long night and you may be sold on the look as well.

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