The PHPB Met Gala Best Dressed List

PHPB Met Gala AwardsOn a night celebrating fashion, Play Hard Playbook has pulled out some of the best looks of the night that ensured fashion was front page news.  Here is our list of those who dared to Dress to Impress and won.

Zendaya Met GalaBest Risk Taker: Using the Met Gala as a way to step out on a limb is a great way to express individuality and encourage both fans and designers to do the same.  Solange definite came prepared to take a risk with her fan dress, whose galaxy them I thought was perfection on a day celebrating Star Wars but another young starlet ultimately got my vote.  Zendaya has been pushing boundaries of fashion recently and I thought her high low dress this year was both fun and made her stand out in a crowd of beautiful faces. Honorable mention goes out to FKA Twigs who took an artsy twist on a gown that seemed to honor the beautiful museum hosting the affair. solange-met-gala-2015 FKA Twigs Met Gala

Beyonce Met GalaBest of the Trends: Sheer was clearly a topic pic at this year’s Met Gala.  I honestly believe a night celebrating fashion should have guest trying to push the envelope on trying something new and different instead of trends that will predictably be duplicated.  That being said if you are going to be dressed like 10 other people in the room you better make sure you are dressed to kill.  Beyoncé did just that as her gold tones of her dress, strategically placed gems, back cut out and fun styling made her look leave worthy competitors like Kim K. and J. Lo in the dust.

"China: Through The Looking Glass" Costume Institute Benefit Gala - ArrivalsBest Peek a Boo: Be it through cut outs or sheer, the peek a boo looks gives an unmatched mix of sexy and demure that not only leaves something to the imagination, it gives the imagination a path to go on.  This year one of my fashion icons, Helen Mirren takes the prize.  Proving age is not a number, but a state of mind Lady Mirren combines a regal red with festive attention to her curves.

sarah-jessica-parker-met-gala-2015Best Accessory:  Pairing a great look with a great accessory shows that you are there to shut things down.  The attention to detail allows you to be a little more daring and make a statement others are sure to not forget.  Sarah Jessica Parker has made a name for herself with her choices in accessories and her headpiece this year was no acceptation.  The homage to a traditional Chinese headpiece both honored the theme and set ablaze to the competition.

karolina-kurkova-met-gala-2015Best Dressed for Theme: There is a limitless amount of beautiful fashions that can be traced back to this year’s Chinese theme.  Done at its best a look can pull form the influence while still coming out modern.  Karolina Kurkova took classic colors and components and blended them gracefully with new shapes for a great play on the Chinese theme.

Kate Hudson Met Gala Kendall Jenner Met Gala

Best Sparkle and Shine: What is a fancy party without a little sparkle and shine? Those who do it best are able to pull out major bling without being overpowered by the dress.  This year both Kate Hudson and Kendall Jenner choose traditional gown shapes but made sure their shape and silhouette was what is remembered most.


janelle-monae-met-gala-2015 dwyane-wade-gabrielle-union-met-gala-2015Best Twist on a classic look: Although pushing the boundary of fashion is always a goal, sometimes its nice to see a reminder of fashion foundations.   Both Janelle Monae and Gabrielle Union took either classic shapes or colors and made them their own by really find a perfect fit for their personality and then letting their internal shine do the rest.  Honorable mention goes to Katy Perry who again showed her fearlessness to take a classic shape and add her on funky vibe to it.

Zoe Kravitz Met GalaBest S&M: All of the Met Galas I have seen have had someone venturing more on the hard rock edge of things.  At such an elegant gala it is easy for the look to go too far too fast, however, this year Zoe Kravitz pulled from the artsy rocker look of her parents and pulled off a sheer look that somehow managed to still look elegant.

What were you favorite looks form the night?

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