The List: Getting what you want by deciding what you want to give for it

Woman makng a shopping list in her kitchenChecklists can be pretty easy and detailed when you are listing something you want.  Just think of how quickly the things you need for a big party or a wedding or even all the qualities you want in a spouse pop in your mind when it comes to planning.   I always use lists as a part of my plan to get things done and stay on track and inspired. As good of a tool as lists are, however, when planning something you want to accomplish or to come your way you also have to ask yourself the hard question of what you are willing to pay for it.

A party is a great example as it is fun to plan all of the things to include in a really great party.  Unique invitations, outstanding food, great music, drinks and decoration all pile on the list quickly when thinking of how to create the party you want.  Putting price tags next to those things, however, often puts things back down to reality because everything in life costs.   The perfect party you have in mind requires some changes when the cost is $15,000 and you are only willing to pay $5,000.  The idea is the same when you are planning things you want in other arenas, even if the price for those things are not money.  You may want a fulfilling relationship with someone tall, dark, and handsome who handles you gently and provides abundantly.  The question of what you are willing to pay for it, however, requires some real self-assessment.  Everything in life comes at a price so expecting something for nothing is quickly tossed out realities window.  If you want that perfect relationship the next question is really what you are willing to give of yourself for it.  Are you willing to be kind or gracious or work hard or even swallow your pride to get what you desire?  If all those things cost too much for what you are asking then you have to go back and re-work your list in order to be sure when what you want comes around you are willing to do your part and pay the price to get and keep it.

Being able to list what you what you will pay for something has few better applications then when applied to your career.  Many people can see successful individuals once they attain a certain level of power and money and want to emulate their position.  As nothing is free, however, the questions becomes if they are willing to do what needs to be done to get those things.  Are they willing to take on sleepless nights and frustrating days full of no’s in order to achieve this goal?  If not those things others have are just items on a dream list that you are unwilling to pay for.  By writing down a list of your skills, talents, abilities, and efforts you are willing to commit to achieve a goal you put yourself and the world on notice that you know what you want and what you need to do or give to get it and you are willing and able to pay the price.  Armed with this you are able to check off from the list of things you want into the things you have paid for and are yours because you earned them.


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