The Dating Game Recap

LLSMr. Peebles served as a fabulous backdrop for a fun night of mixing, mingling and raising awareness and funds for a worthy cause, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  The great thing about events put on by It’s Just Lunch is that as a match making service of course they focus on ultimately finding love, but they make sure the road along the way is filled with new experiences and new fun along the way.  As their clientele gives them unique insight on the things that prevent some from finding love on their own, there events plan to assist in overcoming those challenges and opening the door to meeting new people.  For some networking is a breeze as they can flow quickly and smoothly in and out conversations and introductions.  For others, taking the steps to make new connections can be overwhelming.  The event worked to encompass and involve everyone, regardless of their level of outgoingness.

Bachelor and Its Just Lunch Bachelors BachelorettesThe main fun of the event was the Dating Game.  Watching a bachelor and bachelorette go through some fun Q & A to determine who wins a date is always hilarious.  It is funny how even without seeing how someone looks you can get a good sense of who they are from not only their answers to the questions but the tone and enthusiasm in which they answer.  I could almost instantly tell who was pitching hardest to win when questions like “What kind of panties are you wearing” and “What would be your theme song” came up for bat.  When you hit back answers like “none” and “You Can Have Whatever You Like” you are playing to win.

Amber WillisAll of the fun and games for the night really served to highlight the underlying purpose of raising money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  The bachelorette for the event, Amber Willis, is also a nominee for the Women of the Year award for the Gulf Coast Chapter.  The Man and Women of the Year award challenges nominees to campaign to get the word out and the funds flowing all to benefit research and provide hope for those inflicted by this deadly disease.  Amber’s fun personality and passion for this organization showcase why it’s important to show your support and make a donation to the society.  There are few better reasons to get together than to support others in our community in tackling health challenge such as Leukemia or Lymphoma so kudos to Amber in her quest to become the 2014 Woman of the Year. Donating is easy by clicking Here so help now in raising funds with a great woman for an even better cause.

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