The Art of Fashion: The Little Black Dress Recap

IMG_8781With the definition of art being the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, it is easy to understand that indeed fashion is a medium of art.  Last week as a kick off to the weekend celebration of art known as the Bayou City Art Festival, art met fashion head to head at The Art of Fashion: The Little Black Dress.  The Art Colony Association, known for the incredible art and life celebrations it produces in the Bayou City Art Festivals and Art Heist, connected the beauty of fashion and art with one fundamental question– “What moves you?” Regardless of if you are moved by wonderfully elegant, or fun, or sexy, The Art of Fashion Celebrating the Little Black Dress took the simple concept of the “Little Black Dress” and celebrated how the different vision of four different designers all made their own unique art expressions.

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IMG_8782As a kick off to the fun of the Bayou City Art Festival the event gave a fun glimpse into the weekend art celebration ahead. With art pieces throughout you by featured artist Ella Richards you were able to get your palette wet of the different art you could appreciate over the weekend.  With a fun mix of art and fashion appreciators in the space the flow was easy to relax and enjoy the fun celebration.  The fashion show showcased the variation of visions that designers create when they think of the little black dress.  IMG_8710 IMG_8712With fashions from local favorites Azuz, Chloe Dao, Jonathan Blake, David Peck and Tenenbaum & Co. you got a full range of all that could be offered in a little black dress.  From sleek and sexy to reimagined looks to vintage fabrics, every look took you deeper into the vivid visions and imaginations that are in place for designers to create.  Fashion not only has the ability to inspire the aesthetic but to also be empowered when you find the perfect look or cut to bring out the best in you.  Personally, my imagination took me not just to how I would look in the creations, but to all the fun places, people, and experiences that the clothes would fit right in.  As art is a reflection of life, there is no better way to celebrate the art of fashion than by living it up in the creations!  With great ambiance and fun provided by Bayou City Magazine the event was definitely a great way fashion experience.





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