Texas Renaissance Festival Fun

IMG_9397Since time machines have yet to come about there is no better way to get the best of the entertainment and fun of Old England than a Renaissance Festival.  I don’t think it’s better done that at the Texas Renaissance Festival, where you are quickly transported to a town of kings, queens, fairies, Vikings and almost everything in between.  IMG_9390The Texas Renaissance Festival has become a tradition for my family where we always find something fun and new for everyone to do or try.  Here are my top five favorite things to do or see at the Texas Ren Fest:

IMG_93515. Games and Rides: I love the medieval twist that the Texas Ren Fest throws on games and rides to give it a new spin.  Yes some things like horse rides are a little more common but a four person swing is cool no matter how you look at it.  If you are up from more of a challenge check out their archery station, rock climbing or trampoline to add some adrenaline to the fun.

IMG_93964. Pictures: Pictures are definitely worth 1,000 words and when your picture is you as a pirate, king, or fairy you can probably double that number.  The history themed picture vendors are always a lot of fun to play dresses up in a group and really take on the role of your costume, even if it is just for a second.  For me these fun pictures normally wind up on my Christmas card.  What better way to show my love for life than a quick pic of me as a fairy or queen or maybe even both?

IMG_93943. Playing Dress Up: So the first couple of years I watched as those who walked up in costume came into the festival and got absorbed in the merriment of it all.  I decided I had to get in on that action and every year since I add my own twist on my festival attire.  As the weekends are themed you can keep it simple and just add some pieces to match the theme or go all out in whatever character or time intrigues you the most.  This year I just went with a cloak and ended up with more of an elf/Lord of the Rings vibe.

2. The food: As the Renaissance Festival is divided into regions you can get a taste of the globe all in one fair.  From pizza to Brats to fried pickles it is the ultimate fair food paradise.  I have my go too favorites like roasted corn and loaded chips but every year I branch out to try a little something different.  The fact that the stalls are established and not portable gives me a little more comfort that what I am eating won’t kill me or assault my stomach later. By the end of the festival between the different stalls and the wine we frequently picked up I was beyond stuffed and feeling pretty silly.

IMG_9392 IMG_93841. The shows: Part of the reason the Renaissance Festival is an all-day affair, besides the expansive grounds, is because the assortment of shows they have.  From sword school to the Pirate Auction to even seeing the king and queen in the jousting match, entertainment abounds at the Renaissance Festival.  What I love most is how the much the characters get into their roles, so even just a quick walk around the festival usually ends up in some impromptu performance or conversation that defines the time jump you experience at the Texas Ren Fest.





  1. Definitely planning a family trip next year. This looks too fun! You mentioned the food items…..is it something similar to Medieval Times?

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