Taking on fall fashion with a cropped motorcycle jacket

IMG_9446The cold finally dropped out of the sky and descended on Houston this week, triggering a mad dash for winter clothes.  Despite the cold that slammed down, Houston will still have it’s usually weather yo-yo for a while.  Although planning for the unpredictability of the weather can be hard it does give me a chance to escape to one of my favorite fashion staples – Jackets!!!  As someone who is always cold I always stay prepared with something to keep me warm, but warm and cute can still be friends in the world of fashion.  When planning for those in between days where we get 10 different degrees all in one day I love the versatility and style that comes with a cropped jacket.

IMG_9447Cropped Jackets give some of the warmth of sleeves paired with the option to either layer clothing under for additional warmth or bare the belly and wear the jacket as a shirt.  This Burberry motorcycle crop jacket is the newest addition to my team and it was instant love at first sight.  I love transitioning to fall first and foremost with colors.  Choosing deeper and darker colors are great way to showcase the transition of the seasons, even when the weather is not as obedient.  Olive green is one of my favorite fall colors and the black trim on the jacket offset the olive green just enough to be versatile with various pairings with pants and skirts and void a color rut.

IMG_9450With the instant color match my eye moved to the design.  Motorcycle jackets give a fun feel and a really different look when you decide to buckle up or wear it open.  The black piping again made a home run because it provides extra emphasis on the waist area, giving an exaggerated illusion from wide to narrow.  Button it completely for a sleek look or keep the buttons partially or completely undone for a more casual look.  If you dare to jump a little further into the dark side pair it with a crop top or wear it only as a shirt.  All in all you get to add warmth but still keep style with this cropped jacket and any piece that you can wear it your way and still look fabulous always knocks the ball out of the park.





  1. Love this look!

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