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[slideshow_deploy id=’83’]With a week left before I turn in a mandatory paper for my final semester of law school I have to really focus to “Get ‘er done”!  As usually I am running behind and with finals quickly approaching in the next couple of weeks I have fallen in my regular routine of finals cramming.  An email caught my eye today, however, that has put all of that one the sidelines for me.  It’s once again time for the International Festival in Houston.  This guarantees a great mix of food, people watching, and entertainment!   I am quickly reminded that I don’t have time for play, its work time.  So how do you get in a little bit of fun when it is really time to get down to work?

With the International Festival celebrating Brazil this year it is a must attend for me.  I went to Carnival in Brazil for my birthday two years ago and fell in love with the beauty, sprit, music and dancing that fills the country and its people.  My mind desperately begins to figure out a way to make my attendance possible and with reality not budging on the submission of my paper deadline here is how I plan to make this happen:

1)      Goal setting: Writing down my plan for work required to getting the paper done.  Finishing my paper is no small feat and I have to realistically set goals that I can stick to in plotting the progress and completion of my paper.  This means planning by the hour what steps should happen and holding myself accountable for the times I write down.

2)      Cut out the BS: Let’s face it, especially with us procrastinating folks, it is hard to really focus until it’s almost too late.  The time allotted has to be pursued like the deadline is yesterday.  That way you get the pace you need to meet the deadlines.  It, of course, also requires not letting the common distractions step in and still the fun you dream of away.  Put the phone away, close down Angry Birds, put your phone on silent and by all means stay clear of Facebook.  These distractions eat up little bits of time that quickly add up when you are in a time crunch.

3)      Reward yourself: As always schedule work first (at least a good portion of it).  If you are hitting your progress points taking some time to smell the roses is an appropriate award.  That being said a battle was one but the war wages on.  If you normally would spend a day at the festival the new realistic timeframe may be two hours of enjoyable time out at play.  I plan to make the most of that time (funnel cakes and roasted corn here I come).  But when duty calls I will have to say “Ciao” and get back to it.

Who is to say you can’t have your cake and eat it to (even if you get to only take a bite)?

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