Sip and Stroll 2016 with the Sugarland Wine and Food Affair

Sip and Stroll 2016 (13)The Sugarland Wine and Food Affair always spells spring to me as a great kick off to the beautiful weather and people that festival season heralds to Houston. This year for their Sip and Stroll even they welcomed in a new venue but with the same delicious favorites making it a must for any foodie’s calendar. The Sip and Stroll hopped over from the Imperial Sugar Factory to Sugar Land Constellation Field in its Saturday fun fare offering guests an opportunity to explore great samplings of food, drinks and even shopping.

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Moving venues is always a little confusing as you wonder if you will have the same experience. The festival did a great job in still pulling in some of the events staples like the crowd favorite Lobster Rolls so you still had a bit of a nostalgic feeling in the new venue. Although I am a fan of the indoor/outdoor combo of the previous venue offered, with the tents all visible this year you have a better idea of things you want to visit with the new set up. What is even more important, however, is that it is still a phenomenal event when it comes to the food and drinks. I love the easy movement the event offers between wine and spirits. The mixologist did some phenomenal things between Mint Juleps and the always dazzling Hendricks refreshers. With this best of both worlds offer, it is a good break for your palette from the wine so you can take a breather and narrow in on your favorite tastes.

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The food was as scrumptious as ever, with an international taste of everything. Where else can you have a little bit of barbeque, lobster, meatballs, and arroz con pollo and it all be mouth watering? Although not a competition, having all great venders descend on the event keeps everyone on their toes and striving to deliver the best they have to offer. When all this is combined with a nice breeze, beautiful setting and a great band, all is right with the world. Well at least in the three hours of the Sip and Stroll Saturday for the Sugarland Wine and Food Affair.

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