Using menswear to mash up sexy and confident

IMG_0754How do you define sexy? To satisfy some you have to show more and more skin to get a sexy look.  Change is in the wind, however, and the trend towards women in menswear challenge the question if the skin or the attitude really define what is sexy.  I took on the challenge menswear challenge at the recent ICON Women’s Organization Bowtie Brunch.

The great thing about men’s wear for woman is that you get an opportunity to take on a structured look and add in elements of femininity.  For a bit more moderate look there are an assortment of ways to polish the look for a blend of both worlds.  For me the best way to achieve this look is to work for balance.  My outfit, for instance, started off with a masculine look on the top half.  Once you add a bowtie, the top of your look is going to be pretty conservative.  I paired this moderate look with a fun take on a tuxedo jacket.   For my feminine balance, however, I stopped at the means suit shirt.  Yep this means I skipped the bottoms.  The length of the shirt paired with the front crop of the jacket gave a great balance of black and white to the look.  When I added on a flirty pair of tuxedo hills my job was done.  You can even double down on the challenge and let your own femininity speak for itself and give the ultimate level of contrast for the look.

IMG_0755This same balance can be achieved with suits and slacks and almost any men’s wear by finding the fun feminine component that complements, not overwhelms the look.   The more masculine the foundation is the more feminine you can make your other choices to provide the right balance.  For instance a structured suit looks great with a soft, flowing blouse, or even a fitted tee.   The power of the look is that even as masculine elements take over you can begin to bring out the strong woman.  The look always makes me feel like “I am woman, hear me roar”.  It is a great way to spice up an outfit and in a powerful look that is also contagious to the way you feel.