Tearing it up in Turtlenecks

IMG_0288Turtlenecks get a back wrap as Granny gear.  They are synonymous with being old and frumpy and covering up.  Once winter hits, however, there are few better shirt options to protect from the cold and the wind than the sleeve and neck coverage you get in a turtleneck.  With the variety of options in color and styles there is no reason that the turtleneck has to be a fashion faux paus!

My preferred turtleneck style is in a darker color solid.  I love the streamlined look it gives it and it can be paired with other layering pieces like sweaters and jackets with ease. When you choose one solid from chin to hip you also get to elongate the look of everything from your neck to waist.  Although the fit depends on the person, I prefer my fit to be a little snug and give a nod to the curves without making it the feature of the look.  Plus layers are always there if you want to escape the form fit and want to balance the colors with different patterns and shapes.  Accessories are also a great way to jazz up a turtleneck as they are the perfect backdrop for bold statement necklaces and earrings.

With the look being something easily transferrable from casual with jeans to dressy with a skirt and jacket, when the weather drops I make sure they are in my arsenal to beat the chill and put a check next to my look of the day.  Do you think turtlenecks can fit into a fun fashion appetite?