Weekend sales means the price is right!

The-Sale-Revised_112640With New Year’s resolutions in high gear chances are floating around in the mix is giving yourself a new look for the New Year.  The problem can be, however, after all of that holiday shopping your budget is not as eager as your mind in updating your wardrobe.  Thank goodness for sales that pile up towards the beginning of the year as stores sweep out the old and prepare for the new.  But old to them can be new to you and taking advantage of the sales is a great way to do a little wardrobe updating as well as not break your New Year’s budget.  Here are some great sales on for this weekend that give designer deals galore.

Tootsie sale Jan 2015Tootsies: This landmark River Oaks store always has fashions that high the mark and their sales are no exception.  With prices down as low as 70% of original price this is a sale where being an early bird goes a long way.  With a keen eye and some patience there are some great finds in outstanding designer pieces with prices that cannot be beat.

The Sale: Shopping for a purpose is always fun and The Sale, benefiting the Cure for Childhood Cancer, is a great mix of something for everyone.  The sale puts together boutiques from all over the city all in one location.  It is a great way to visit your old favorites and pick up some new ones and is a great way to spend a day with friends whose shopping taste vary.

Rice Village Flea Market

Rice Village Flea MarketThere is something about the beginning of spring that begs for me to go outside.  Everything seems better in the warmth of the sun so last week when I wandered by the Rice Village Flea Market I got confirmation that everything includes shopping.  The Rice Village Flea Market occurs the second Weekend of every month and is nestled conveniently in the heart of Rice Village.  The setup of the flea market is a hands on version of window shopping.  In getting to interact with the products and the owners you get a chance to really get some insight on what you want and some background on how it got there.  In my time at the festival I was able to discover so great finds from the vendors, here are a couple awesome local companies I quickly feel in love with at the festival that you can be on the lookout for if you make it by the Market that is held every 2nd Saturday of the month.

Pampered Sisters

Pampered Sisters 2 Pampered Sisters 1Pampered Sisters had us at hello.  With delicious scents combined with beautiful handcrafted soaps and bath products I couldn’t help but get a jump on my weekend relaxation.  From soap to candles to bath salts they are great products to get one as a gift and one for you as it’s hard to just buy one.

Blue Face Monkey

Blue Face Monkey At Blue Face Monkey pocket watches are made to be fun and fashionable.  Initially I thought I discovered a watch that reminded me of Harry Potter until I discovered they also offer themed watches from some of your favorite movies.  Young or old they have watches that are so good looking it gives new meaning to fashionably late.


Perle Exclusives

Perle Exclusives 2 Perle Exclusives 1Funky fashion always catches my eyes because wearing an outfit that is a little bit funky showcases your uniqueness.  The Tees Designs jewelry is fun but the company offerings are really full service to make sure everyone in the family can find something they love and speak to them

Ridin’ Dirty

Ridin Dirty Ridin Dirty My first look into Houston Sippers and I am impressed.  This hot new T-line is the mind child of Joseph Kare, the director of operations at Premium Goods.  For hardcore sneaker fans you already know and love the name and his experience in the hottest kicks provide the perfect complement for these fun tees.  With a fun plan on color and logos you can get in early on this soon to be H-town classic.

Tee’s Designs

Tee’s DesignsThis booth reminded me how keeping it simple can be super classy.  Two of my friends instantly feel in love with the button earrings and with a rainbow of colors to choose from finding your perfect match should be a piece of cake.



Freedom 54

Freedom 54

These African inspired tees and accessories are a fun twist on some classic shapes and images.  The tees define casual cool and have prints and fits for both men and women.


Adriane R. Wiltse

Adriane R. Wiltse 2 Adriane R. Wiltse 1As the designer and creator in this line, Adriane was able to follow her passion to the world of jewelry.  With a background in metal smithing and stones the creations you can see the craftsmanship in every piece.  The jigsaw pieces are divided by hand so you each piece is unique and beautifully designed.  Stone pieces are equally striking and are sure to complement a statement piece collection.

Dixie’s Dessert Delivery

Dixie’s Dessert DeliveryDelivery of delectable desserts is already fabulous enough, but when you can do it until the wee hours of the morning it becomes closer to perfection.  Lessons from law school taught the owners a lot so when the sweets munchies hit they are only a phone call away.  Reach them at 832-387-5125.


Jeannie Peace

Jeannie Peace 2 Jeannie Peace 1Jewelry is usually considered an accessory but with Jeannie Peace designs the craftsmanship and stone work bring the pieces closer to art.  These pieces are phenomenal and really left me in love with too many to choose just one.

Joey & Jaime

Joey & Jaime 2 Joey & Jaime 1Every major city has a theme or logo that expresses who they are and Joey & Jaime saw an opportunity for Houston to have their own as well.  This fun line of tees focuses on some of the local favorites unique to our great city.  I love the retro feel of the shirts when combined with the homage to our great city.