Rubin Singer’s flawless at Fashion Houston

There is something about the precision in design that makes Rubin Singer’s clothes flawless.

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The interesting mix of being trendy and setting the trends is the trademark of all designers that stand the test of time and with his outstanding showing at Fashion Houston I am sure Rubin Singer will be a go to designer for many years to come.  He plays effortlessly with shapes and patterns to produce sleek pieces that tailor and flatter a woman’s body.  The true power in his craft eases its way down the runway with his natural ability to both accentuate a woman’s curves and craft designs that give the illusion of the curves we want, not just the curves we have.  Here are a couple of my favorite pieces from his run way show Tuesday night at Fashion Houston:

Hoops that bring the dramaRubin Singer Hoops that bring the drama

No you don’t have to be in a Gone with the Wind flash back to still have fun with a hoop skirt.  The hoops skirt is a great way to bring attention to or create the illusion of a tiny waist.  Rubin Singer mixed up the look by cutting the hemline way up. By doing so you get some of the fun flirtiness that can come in a hoop skirt paired with the drama and elegance from the length at the back.





Fishnet, Black Pantyhose

Rubin Singer Fish Net Black PantyhoseThe fishnet look has come back in full effect and Rubin Singer has reimagined it in an haute couture masterpiece.  The delicate nature of the weaving paired with the striking detail and black shimmer thread makes the piece unforgettable.  Of course if you are not a model you can add a sheath for a little more coverage but I always say if you got it flaunt it.




Geometric Black and white

Rubin Singer Geometric Black and WhiteShapes and patterns can change basic into complex in no time.  By sticking with basic colors this bustier and skirt piece bring drama in shapes and patterns.  It is a great nod to the ability to pair and match great shapes that are different in both pieces but still fit together seamlessly.  Together the ensemble is a show stopper but it can also be worn separately with something more demure for a pop of intrigue.





Gam Delight

Rubin Singer Gam DelightIf you got legs, and know how to use them than pencil skirts and slits are your friend.  Rubin Singer paired both and took it a leap future in leg accentuation by adding a contrasting fabric detail by the slit.  This is an outfit that is sure to turn heads as you strut in the room







Fancy Folds

Rubin Singer Fancy FoldsThere is nothing that adds a little more bounce in your step than the feeling of free movement in a skirt.  Rubin Singer capture the fun of the movement with this glamourous dress that goes from work time to play time in a snap.  The play look is shown with ease styled with a leather bolero, but it is still easily ready to rock the professional world.  Even with a more modest cut to the design the pattern and movement make a statement.