Pussy Control and other reasons why I was completely in love with Prince

PrinceSo like most love stories my love (or obsession) with Prince started rather innocently. I am an 80’s baby but Prince never struck a note in my young mind other than the fun of blasting him as my aunt picked me up from school in her Saab.  No, our personal love story began one fateful date when I asked to use a tape to go running in the park in high school.  My aunt obliged and gave me a mix tap with Prince on one side and Jimmy Hendrix on the other.  So along I went in my run, hearing songs I had heard before on the radio until a new one came on.  I listened as I ran, to the beat, and the funk, and more importantly the words and instantly I was undeniably, passionately, and unabashedly in love with the music of Prince.  The song was Pussy Control and it wasn’t the time of song you would hear on the radio.  In it he jammed but the lyrics, about a girl who grew up to be boss despite everyone doubting her, spoke to my soul.  My run had to stop as a rewind was necessary.  As I began again to run this song became my personal anthem.  Of how I would boss out, take control, not be afraid to be strong and proud, so different than how I saw myself at that time.  Instantly I decide to learn more about this person called Prince.

As my collection of his albums grew I heard in the music of myself, or at least who I wanted to be. Strong, sexual, comfortable in my own skin, smart, vivacious, and fine as hell (well at least in my own opinion and if I believed it well F what everyone else thought).  Then at my first concert I left with my mind officially blown.  I saw this beautiful little man play EVERY SINGLE INSTRUMENT on the stage.  He ran between his piano to a guitar to a bass and then sung and danced, every step sexier than that one before and I was mesmerized.  Over close to two decades after that day I saw him every chance I could in any location I could make it to.  I brought countless albums and found steady solace whenever my day was bad, or good or anywhere in between.   In his life I learned to fight for what I believe, and to be willing to risk everything for that believe, to be who I am and only regret if it is not everything God meant me to be, and that it is okay to be misunderstood as long as you stay on your journey for truth.  I am heartbroken by his death but so happy I was a true fan in life and better yet that I gave this love to my daughter in her mandatory annual Purple Rain viewing or Prince pop quizzes.  As I mourn the loss of this music legend I see a life well lived and one that inspired me and so many others to do them and do it well.  Until the end of time I will truly Adore him.


Prince you will be missed.