Adventure Time – 5 Musts on a Hawaiian vacation

Paradise Cove us and luau dancersHawaii is renowned as a perfect travel destination and with the wide assortment of things to do once you get there it can be hard to narrow down the activities that give you the best experience at the island.  In my recent family trip to Hawaii I planned on a mix of relaxation and adventure in enjoying the beautiful island.  Here are my recommendations of must’s when visiting the island. Mahalo!

Paddleboarding in HawaiiBeach Day – With some of the beautiful beaches in the world, Hawaii surf and sand begs you to just stop and enjoy.  I am one to love an adventure packed vacation, however, there is something to be said for doing nothing on the beach in Hawaii.  The beach outside of the JW Marriott was a great place to just sit and enjoy the perfect weather, beautiful sands and crystal clear water Hawaii has to offer.  Once you have gotten a chance to chill out you can always pick up the pace with a paddleboard or water hammock if you book a hotel that offers these fun amenities.  In nothing else, naps on the beach are always amazing!

Hawaiian sunsetSunrise or Sunset – There are few moments in nature that offer more clarity as to how magnificent the world and its Creator are than a brilliant sunrise or sunset.  It shows just a glimpse of just how complex the world really is and just how small of a piece we occupy on it.  This perspective is a great way to get put things in order the things that stress you in your own life that seems big, but really may be a small problem in the grand scheme of things.

Waimea Falls Waterfall 3Waterfalls – Part of the joy of vacations is exploring all of the things that we cannot do or see locally.  The waterfalls in Hawaii top my list as it is a great way to get in tune with nature and an essential variation on the fun and the sun that Hawaii is known for.  For some family fun the waterfalls at Waimea Falls Park offers not just an easy hike through a botanical garden to get to the falls, but some great cultural knowledge along the way.  Waimea Falls Waterfall 1The entire trip was breathtaking and jumping into the falls was an exhilarating family moment we will remember forever!
Stop and enjoy the beautiful views – In taking a look at the scenes in Hawaii you can tell that God was flexing his muscles when he made the island.  Waimea Falls Park Creek Hawaii Trip (26)It is not just the winding roads of the north beach with views of the mountains and the beach, but at almost every turn you get an eye full of nature’s beauty. Even off the beaten path in a resident recommendation for a restaurant we found some great views and local fun that really makes a trip personal.  To take it up a notch we visited Kualoa Ranch which takes you deep in the undisturbed terrain of Hawaii that made it a perfect location for movies like Jurassic Park.  At the top of a mountain with an incredible view it’s hard not to miss the peace that nature has to offer.

Luau – Although it has begun to sound like a clique, the luau is not just a great show, but some real insight to the beautiful culture of the Hawaiian people.  Paradise Cove LuauWe were on the fence about going as they can be pricey, but those concerns disappeared once we stepped into Paradise Cove.  The luau was its only adventure and living museum all in one as you got to explore the games, lifestyle, clothing, and food of the Hawaiian people.  All this on top of such a great show and you pay for the luau pretty quickly and walk away happing yelling Mahalo to all you see. Paradise Cove Luau Dancers Paradise Cove Sarong Demo Paradise Cove Painting



ZaSpa Take me away!

ZaSpa RoomSometimes we all need a way to just stop…take a break…and unwind.  When you are due for this just dessert and you have worked hard then you deserve to play hard…Calgon just won’t do!!! When I am ready to treat myself and get not only the rest and relaxation I need but also the pampering I deserve I head over to the ZaSpa at Hotel Zaza.   ZaSpa offers a chance to escape the busy demands of life and work in the heart of the museum district in Houston with an ambiance that is unparalleled.   What I love about Hotel Zaza is the eclectic mix of luxury and style that provides a unique experience from the moment you step in the door.  This foundation the hotel builds is carried on to ZaSpa as it provides an urban retreat that lets you leave your trouble at the door and focus on you for a change.

Za Spa RelxationOne of the things that keeps me coming back with Hotel Zaza is the intimate space the spa provides.  Some spas have become giants but when you really think about being pampered you think about personalized services one on one for you that go above and beyond.  The ultimate goal for pampering is to make you feel special and this is what ZaSpa concentrates on.  The thought ZaSpa puts into making the experience special for you is clear when you take a look at the menu of services.  From scrubs to massages to facials the services focuses on making you relax and look and feel better than you did when you walked in.  My personal favorite, the “It Happened One Night Facial” is customized so regardless of your skin type you get a facial that deals with your skin care issues so you look as good as you feel long after you leave the spa.  With a knowledgeable staff to share with you the products they are using and their benefits you the option to create your own mini spa at home by picking up the products for sale and easily keep the party going once you get home.

Once I am in the pamper zone it is really hard to pull me out and ZaSpa makes you feel like you never have to.  Before or after your treatment you can relax in a cozy bed with an oxygen treatment.  From relieving headaches to boosting your immune system the stream of concentrated oxygen can give your body a boost and if nothing else relaxing after a treatment continues my Zen.  Bubble BerryIf you are not in the moving slow or napping mood you can always hop into their sauna to stay in your pleasure zone.  As a fabulous treat to a fabulous spa day you can wrap things up with a great lunch and drink (I suggest the bubble berry) poolside.  All in all a great way to treat yourself for a job well done and get the boost you need to continue to tackle life’s challenges.