Play Hard Playbook Book Challenge

Earlier this year I read about Mark Zuckerberg’s personal challenge to read a new book every other week about different cultures, belief, and histories.  His challenge inspired me to issue a similar challenge.

Play Hard Playbook 2015 Book Challenge: To read two books a month focused on the development of my personal, spiritual, and financial goals for the year based on the reading recommendations of people I admire (such as Oprah, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet).

heart shaped bookAlthough I grew up loving books, something about the forced reading in law school made me pass on the desire to read for a while.  Well it’s been a couple of years and I think I am ready to get back on the saddle as reading is one of the best ways to continue the challenge of learning throughout your life.  If your goal is to continue to get better with time and age, books help give the insight needed for that journey to help you grow more into the person you can be and face up the challenges life has in store for you.

As 2015 for me is a year of personal growth for me, I thought I would focus on books that helped me develop me.  Now going to the “self-help” section of the book store can feel like an awkward place, but the truth is there is no better place to reflect on your own challenge than by reading how others conquered theirs.  By starting within I hope I am gearing up to use the work I do on myself and apply it to the service I hope to share with my community.  Here are the books that are up for my January reading:

Think and Grow Rich: Now I tackled this book last year with a fantastic book club but as it is a classic I thought it would serve as good motivation to get my year moving in the right direction early on.   It is a great reminder that no matter where you want to go in life, the place you start is with you.  Setting your mind to what you want so it becomes a burning desire and gives birth to faith breathes life into the phrase “If you can believe it, you can achieve it!”  By giving me the steps to everyday reinforce my goals in life and what I am willing to give in order to reach these goals sets the table of life up for being things ahead.

How to Win Friends & Influence People:  No matter how you try to escape it, people need people, especially if you are an entrepreneur.   This book is another oldie but goodie that gives real life, practical advice on how to get your way in a manner that is win-win.  If you have challenging people in your personal or professional life this book is a great way to rethink an old problem  If nothing else it powerful insight on what makes people tick and how in trying to make situations better we can easily cause them to move out of control.


I can tell my January books have already made a huge impact on my mindset in 2015.  What books have been powerful in directing your own life???