Bold colors and fun prints with Pinko

Spring always makes sure that love is in the air and it always evident once the wedding invites start to roll in. For spring events and weddings I love to start taping into some of the beautiful, vibrant colors and bold prints that help shake off the winter for me. While in Milan I fell in love with the Pinko brand and decided to give my print maxi a spin for my first Spring wedding of the season.

Long Pinko dress (2)

I feel somewhere in some style book I never read or would ever follow there is something about how mixing bold prints and colors is a no no. However, as style should be an extension of our personalities I agree to disagree. This Long Dress in Raschel Pinko dress delivered a mix of things I absolutely love: the comfort and ease of a maxi, the fit of knits, and bold colors that ensure you leaving a lasting impression. The dress also took some fun liberties like this wide strapped back closure. The black fit offered a break from the colorful pattern while still managing to keep the dress flirty and fun. The empire waist of the dress worked to flatter almost any figure as you can accentuate your best parts while keeping the curves to a minimum at someone else’s special day. By transitioning the top print from the rest of the dress you keep the eye busy and the vibe cool with a blend of luxury design blended with a vivacious color palette. At this romantic ceremony this Pinko dress gave me the ability to enjoy the celebration from outside ceremony to end of night party with style and effortlessness!

It’s Electric – Havng fun with prints

IMG_0066When prints come up in fashion it can strike fear in the hearts of many.   When you hear prints you think busy patterns and colors that dominate the dress and can frequently wear you more effectively than you can wear it.  The good news, however, is that there have been a revolution of prints that give some great balance that highlights a piece that also has some really interesting visual design.  One of my favorite plays on prints are pictures that are printed on fabric.  With the right design and imagination they are able to take some beautiful pictures and find the just the right gathers and cuts that really pair well with the curves of a woman.  Best of all the deliberate choice in placement allows the designer to give some real balance between the business of the color and design of the picture with still being sleek and elegant.

With a photo shoot on deck I decided that a print was a great way to balance a serious look with some playful elements.  Because the goal was to be electric, a printed Alexander McQueen dress was a perfect fit.  The gradient print stars with a simple black start and gradually fades to a scene of lighting striking.  The lightning strike picture towards the bottom of the dress adds in some of the bold colors like purple and gray.  The best thing about the print is that even though it grows from subtle to bold, you still have the chance to be the star.   Because the entire dress is not busy I was able to still pair it with some dramatic eye makeup and sleek hair to give my version of business and pleasure.  Truly the best of both worlds!!!

NM Cusp Trend Insiders with Caroline McGuire

NM CUSP Director Caroline McGuireNeiman Marcus CUSP did it again with another great style show to provide insight on this seasons trends.  The NM CUSP Fashion Director, Caroline McGuire, styled the looks impeccably to produce the great balance of fun and classic that defines the CUSP style.  What I love about the CUSP department is the opportunity to building your work and fun wardrobe without neglecting either dimension of your life.  By adding in pops of color and classic shapes you have an assortment of options that can be mixed and matched to easily move from work to play and back seamlessly.



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Pink, pink and more pink

Pink and white skirt Pink and white skirt back Hot Pink JacketPink rules supreme this season and the combos are fabulous.  For me pink is classic but the classic becomes new by mixing up the patterns and shades.  This season’s options allow you to really turn up the pink if that is a color that works for you or turn it down to add a sprinkle of fun and color.  My top picks are this hot pink jacket and beautiful pink print skirt.  What is great about either pieces is the flexibility to apply to different environments.  You can take a rather drab look and add a real punch of color that adds life and fun, while remaining professional.  It is a lot easier to splurge on an outfit when you can wear in different environments.

Fun Prints

Just Cavalli print jacket Just Cavalli print jacket back Leoprint SuitPrints still reign supreme and the do a lot to balance shape and fun.  As with pink they can be paired down or turned up.  Fun prints can be a bit distracting in the office but are the perfect pairing when you want to do a quick change for fun after work.  Take a look at this stellar Just Cavalli Romantic Nature Print Jacket or Veronica Beard Leopard Print suit.  The prints are fun and bold but by breaking it up you can keep your foundation of elements that work in different occasions fully stocked.

Mix it up!

Printed accordian skirtStretching out a full wardrobe to cover your entire life can overstretch your budget.  Being able to repurpose pieces so that you define the occasion lets you splurge on the things you really love, that express your own style, but also avoid keeping things from collecting dust in the closet.  Caroline styled several lux pieces with CUSP staples to produce looks that were unique but had the ability to sculpt into different settings.  The repurposing of the pieces prevent the tag from defining where you should wear the piece.  Just as outfits can be dressed up, then can also be dressed down.  A great example is this pairing of an evening ball gown skirt with a crop top or casual jacket.  Adding fun pieces can break up the formalness and give you more uses out of items you love.

Black and white are still classic 

Black Robert Rodriquez DressBlack and white always goes back to the must have foundational pieces of your wardrobe.  This is the things all other outfits are built off of and when you are in a rush they are the easiest pieces to grab and go. Prints assist in making the black and white pop.  Both the dress and skirt used in the fashion show point out that black and white does not equal boring.  Try mixing up the shapes to add some extra intrigue.


Business and Pleasure with printed blouses

70s blouseThe bold pattern and color palette of 70’s blouses fit right in to the outspoken nature and free love feel of the times.  Well times may have changed but the desire to make a bold and fun impression when you walk in the door remain.  The sweep back to the seventies style of bold and fun prints with flowly fabrics provide both the visual impact when you walk in the door and the comfort you need to take an outfit from day to night.  One of my favorite reasons to choose the combination for me is the color.  Something about slipping on vibrant colors makes me feel good and can really add some color to your face even when you are feeling a little dull.  The prints used in the blouses provide relief from some of the intense color choices and a little more complexity to your eye.  This combination makes the blouse a perfect choice in both fun situations and to add a little spice in more serious business settings.  By adding all the fun to a blouse you update like a dark suit that is considered a little more conservative and set you apart from the sea of power colors.  If you are lucky to grab one with a mock tie you add more potential variations and if you add slits then can add additional shape to the flow of the blouse.  All in all a great way to speak volumes without saying a word.