Getting the best of both worlds with a New York and New Jersey visit

enjoying-the-view-at-liberty-house-in-newarkAfter more than a decade of visiting New York to see my best friend, news that she was heading to Jersey was a bit of a shock. Not just because I thought she would be a lifetime New Yorker but also because of the image I always had of New Jersey that included less fun that the hustle and bustle of the city.  Over the years, however, I have become pleasant surprised of the mix I get of fast and a slower pace when staying in Jersey and hopping into the city.


Easy access to New York City is probably at the top of the list as to why Jersey can be an option when planning a visit to the city. Admittantly I am a little slow when it comes to the public transportation options (hey I have lived in a really, really hot city most of my life) but I was pretty easily able to leave Times Square and take the New Jersey transit to Newark.  This gives you the flexibility to stay close, but not too close where you don’t also get a chance to relax on your trip.  Even when driving we were able to hop into the city for family functions, Shake Shack and of course to do a little partying.

martini-at-ag-restaurant-in-new-york-city guacamole-trio-at-ag-restaurant-in-new-york-city crab-cake-sliders-at-ag-restaurant-in-new-york-city spinach-empanda-at-ag-restaurant-in-new-york-city

Yes New York has a lot of fun and shopping and a vibrant city life, but this trip I was actually able to get a more effervescent picture of some of the perks of Jersey as well.   As this was a family trip for me Jersey offered some great options to relax with friends, let the kids play, and of course have some amazing food.  My highlight for the trip was our Sunday Funday.  enjoying-the-views-at-liberty-house-in-newark img_3491 strawberry-shortcake-at-liberty-house-in-newarkWe started at Liberty House.  This restaurant offers upscale indoor dining merged with relaxed outdoor cabanas and tables.  Besides the amazing views of the New York cityscape there was a wide field just begging for the kids to play and for us to get some mommie alone time.  Well until the fun became irresistible and I had to hop in on a little of their playtime.  Relaxing outside views, crafty cocktails and yummy deserts are always a win for me.  Afterwards, off to Cuban Pete’s in Montclair.  This restaurant oozed authentic Cuban vibes from the happy birthday congo songs to the delicious food selections.  Take note that BYOB is your only drinking options and you are sure to have a great time!  So when you are looking for a trip to New York that is family friendly and affordable consider Jersey as an option to get a fix for a little of everything you looking for.

My day at the Met

IMG_9972What I love best about museums is their ability to transform you back to another place and time.  It is almost like having your own private time machine where you can go back and observe how people lived and what their experiences were.  It is nothing short of an awe inspiring thought as without the conveniences we have in the modern world they managed to still create and build and innovate.  There are few museums that are set up more to cater to this personal experience that the Metropolitan museum of New York.  Whether it was the tombs of Egypt or the streets of Rome, their collection and atmosphere are transformative.

Walk Like an Egyptian

Egyptology at the Met (8) Egyptology at the Met (6) Egyptology at the Met (3)There are few societies I am more in awe of than Ancient Egypt.  Their culture is one where beauty, duty, and religion abounded.  As the Met’s exhibit is set up to showcase some of the inner workings of a tomb you get a special insiders look into the gravity of the structure for these people at the time.  From hidden chambers to intriguing designs the walk through the exhibit shows just how magnificent these times and people really were. Egyptology at the Met (7) Egyptology at the Met (2) Egyptology at the Met (1) Egyptology at the Met (4)







Greek Appreciation

Ancient Greece at the Met (5)One of the most well noted times of discovery is the Rise of Ancient Rome.  Whether they were questioning philosophies with Socrates or the divine in their Gods and Goddess the time shines line on the inquisitive and enduring nature of the human spirit.  Sculptures are my favorite as I can only dream of the vision it takes to transform a block of marble into something remarkable.  Not to mention the models were a site for sore eyes in their day. Socrates at the Met Ancient Greece at the Met (1) Ancient Greece at the Met (7) Ancient Greece at the Met (4) Ancient Greece at the Met (2) Ancient Greece at the Met (6)











Death Becomes HerDeath becomes her at the Met (8) Death becomes her at the Met (1)

Death becomes her at the Met (7) Death becomes her at the Met (6) Death becomes her at the Met (5) Death becomes her at the Met (4) Death becomes her at the Met (3) Death becomes her at the Met (2)






Death is one of the only guarantees of life.  The mourning process changes for cultures and throughout time so being able to step into the fashions of the time gives a small clue on what it means.  At the Death Becomes Her exhibition the fashions from Europe are showcase.  While some are flashy and some all somber all speak to a time where war and death abounded and how the woman coped with losing the husband and children that seems like an unimaginable part of life.

Don’t forget the park

IMG_9973A museum as massive as the Met can really get your imagination going so what better place to let it soar than central park.  I love the peace that comes with really enjoying nature so if you are out at the Met you are also right in the middle of Central Park.  The park has lovely bridges and walkways and of course benches to sit and daydream.  Whether you make it a picnic or take a nice stroll the park is a great compliment to a day at the museum.