Fort Lauderdale, an often overlooked jewel of South Florida

fort-lauderdale-vacation-6Fort Lauderdale, while often overlooked for its flashier cousin Miami, is a great place to visit in South Florida. Much of the things people treasure are found in Fort Lauderdale, beautiful beaches, great shopping, and a pletera of party options are all found in the 45 minute trek up from South Beach.  In my year of living in Miami I grew to love Fort Lauderdale as a smaller, less expensive, and more convenient alternative to Miami Beach fun.  As I travelled back with kids in tow on a quick summer get away I found these endearing features to still be true for Fort Lauderdale.


One of the biggest attractions people look for when travelling to South Florida is the beach. With fairly easy parking access to great beaches and a ton of beach shopping and restaurant options the Fort Lauderdale beach is a great option when traveling with families.  A1A is a long strip so just driving along it can give you clues to the location that is perfect for you.  I like locations that are close to beach rentals so if you need a chair or some beach entertainment the option is close by.

fort-lauderdale-vacation-1 fort-lauderdale-vacation-3

fort-lauderdale-vacation-5The fun of Fort Lauderdale doesn’t just stop at the beach though. The clubs and restaurants in Fort Lauderdale are simply amazing.  Areas like Las Olas offer a centrally located one stop shop for anything you could want to get into.  No matter if it is a bar hopping night or you are ready for a dance party or just want to enjoy a great meal and people watch Las Olas is a great option.  Within 5 or 6 blocks Fort Lauderdale knows how to pack a punch of fun giving you a range of options and prices.  What I love most about the configuration is that changing the scene is not a big ordeal, you can go from country, to hip hop, to jazz and perhaps even a little salsa by blowing like the wind through the Fort Lauderdale streets.  So if you want a taste of South Florida living without the super busy hustle and bustle of Miami Fort Lauderdale is a great travel destination for grown up and family fun.