Classy and Sassy Ladies Night Out

Ladies night at TonysWhen you think of dressing up and heading to a really nice restaurant you normally think of date night.  Life gets so busy that pulling out all the stops (and the big bill that comes with it) is usually reserved for special occasions.  This week, however, I was invited by a dear friend to a dinner that was all about the ladies so that on the 21st of every month we take some time to treat ourselves, hang out with the ladies, and remember the fun and laughs that makes life amazing at any age.

2014-07-21 19.59.42There is something really special sitting down and enjoying a really nice meal with fellow professionals that is heartwarming.  Regardless of how long you have known each other or what your profession’s are you get a great reminder that something’s are universal.  First and foremost, once a mother, always a mother.  The connection through motherhood gives a shared sentiment to almost any other mother around.  It becomes a basic connection so if there is nothing else in common, you can share due to the amazing experience called motherhood.  Before you know it one link produces another and with every step you cross you find another connection that takes you to the heart of who someone else is.

21 on the 21st at TonysThe other universal truth I was reminded of is that good vibes bred good vibes.  The older we get some of the pettiness of youth can be washed away.  Life is much too precious to be concerned with who look, said or did something you would not do or do not care for.  If you are out with someone who treasures moments to just be themselves, away for the jobs of wife, mother, or career women, you can enjoy yourself regardless of how well you are acquainted.  With amazing food and a good friend in my presence I set myself of up to have a great time. As the night progressed I felt I was in the presence of several really good friends as we shared and laughed and even popped a few bottles throughout the night to produce a night even more amazing then I expected.  Tony’s served as an amazing setting (food is fabulous but the soufflé is to die for), but with restaurant week coming up there will be a ton of amazing restaurants on almost any budget for you to indulge.  Take some time out and treat yourself with friends, new or old, and prepare for the amazing fun that can come from it!