The A-line Shirt Dress – a Modern classic

A Line Shirt Dress (1)Who said classic can’t be fun? One of my favorite go-to’s in fall apparel is a Ralph Lauren shirt dress that adds a fun twist on every traditional element to marry new and old perfectly. Everything about the features of the dress screams classic from the fit to the color but also with a universal appeal to elevate it to a timeless piece.  The cut of the dress is an A-line fit to flatter almost any figure.  A-line dresses always accentuate the waist line and gives a flirty flare in the skirt.  Nothing compares to making a woman feel fun and flirty than being able to spin out in a full shirt like this shirt dress offers.  I like to add a little more emphasis to the waist by switching out bold belt shapes and colors.  It gives a great modern update to the classic nature of the look.

The color choice is again a nod to a classic with a navy and white pinstripe. Navy is known to be a power color and paired with a dress it gives the perfect amount of balance between being colorful and being too loud.  The look is powerful but also colorful which is a pairing I love.  The pinstripes are also a great optical illusion, providing forgiveness for some problem areas and again bringing the eye to the center waist area, accentuating the cinched look.

Last but not least with the shirt dress you have a good amount of control over the va-va-voom factor you add to the dress. Any design that features buttons all the way down puts the power in the hands of the wearer as to how much or how little you want to show.  At work I stick to a pretty conservative look, but once I step away from the office I add a little flirtiness by undoing a button at the top or the bottom. It’s a great way to combine old and new and to quickly adjust the look depending on the environment.  Without question the dress has a universal appeal and turns heads for all the right reasons whenever it is out on rotation!

Tailoring your style with David Peck

David Peck Dress 2I have often found myself jealous of the options men have when tailoring a suit.  Through the process men have the option to customize a suit not only in the selections of fabric and color but also in making sure the measurements fit exactly to their proportions and preferences.  There is no question that some amount of tailoring can do wonders in ensuring your fit is both comfortable and flattering to your shape, and there is no size fits all in that area with the wide variation of women body shapes and curves.  My longing for custom clothing has come to an end, however, after I stepped in the showroom at David PeckDavid Peck is an exquisite American Fashion House based right here out of Houston and the brand is blazing their way into women fashion by providing the style and making the fit for a custom feel in every season.

David Peck kicks it up a notch by giving you the hands on experience of shopping off of the rack blended with the option for you to both customize fit as well as materials and colors for pieces you love.  As important as a custom fit is, tailing clothing from scratch is not for the faint of heart.  Choosing colors and materials from scratch can wind up in things that look a lot different once made than they did in your mind.  This is where David Peck truly shines.  There showroom is already a haven for style for the woman on the move.  From power suits to evening dresses, David Peck proves that you do not have to take a cookie cutter approach to professional styling.  DSCN1298 DSCN1295The key to these looks are great separates you can mix and match to find the combination perfect for your occasion and style.  In the showroom my mind raced paring blouses with suits and then with shorts and skirts with vibrant color with mellow shirts.  With the each season’s collection on the showroom floor as well as popular mainstays, you have a strong foundation on where to start your style evolution.  The process becomes a lot more complicated when designing pieces from scratch.  By being able to see the style, like the fit, and handpick the material you really begin to fall in love with the pieces from David Peck that are tailored to your likes and needs.    This philosophy is a great way to make a statement that is strong, conservative or bold, colorful or muted and still be the perfect example of you and your style.  With the manufacturing done on sight you have a real hand in the design and make in your pieces few designers can come close to Here are some great picks I loved at David Peck, stop by and choose your own as the sky is the limit.


DSCN1265 DSCN1267Vereberg Skirt in Seafoam Handwoven

Glasgow Jacket in Seafoam Handwoven



DSCN1273 DSCN1270Orlando Blouse in sky and silk chiffon

Venice Skirt in Galveston Print and Organic Cotton

Paris Blouse in midnight and silk chiffon


DSCN1279 DSCN1276

Barbados Top and Shirt in Navy Ikat Handwoven

Paris Blouse in midnight and silk chiffon



Hayne Dress – Geography Print in silk









DSCN1286Vereburg Skirt in Autumn leaves and organic cotton

Sydney Top in sky/yellow and silk




DSCN1289Anya Dress in plumb with velvet dots