Rubin Singer’s flawless at Fashion Houston

There is something about the precision in design that makes Rubin Singer’s clothes flawless.

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The interesting mix of being trendy and setting the trends is the trademark of all designers that stand the test of time and with his outstanding showing at Fashion Houston I am sure Rubin Singer will be a go to designer for many years to come.  He plays effortlessly with shapes and patterns to produce sleek pieces that tailor and flatter a woman’s body.  The true power in his craft eases its way down the runway with his natural ability to both accentuate a woman’s curves and craft designs that give the illusion of the curves we want, not just the curves we have.  Here are a couple of my favorite pieces from his run way show Tuesday night at Fashion Houston:

Hoops that bring the dramaRubin Singer Hoops that bring the drama

No you don’t have to be in a Gone with the Wind flash back to still have fun with a hoop skirt.  The hoops skirt is a great way to bring attention to or create the illusion of a tiny waist.  Rubin Singer mixed up the look by cutting the hemline way up. By doing so you get some of the fun flirtiness that can come in a hoop skirt paired with the drama and elegance from the length at the back.





Fishnet, Black Pantyhose

Rubin Singer Fish Net Black PantyhoseThe fishnet look has come back in full effect and Rubin Singer has reimagined it in an haute couture masterpiece.  The delicate nature of the weaving paired with the striking detail and black shimmer thread makes the piece unforgettable.  Of course if you are not a model you can add a sheath for a little more coverage but I always say if you got it flaunt it.




Geometric Black and white

Rubin Singer Geometric Black and WhiteShapes and patterns can change basic into complex in no time.  By sticking with basic colors this bustier and skirt piece bring drama in shapes and patterns.  It is a great nod to the ability to pair and match great shapes that are different in both pieces but still fit together seamlessly.  Together the ensemble is a show stopper but it can also be worn separately with something more demure for a pop of intrigue.





Gam Delight

Rubin Singer Gam DelightIf you got legs, and know how to use them than pencil skirts and slits are your friend.  Rubin Singer paired both and took it a leap future in leg accentuation by adding a contrasting fabric detail by the slit.  This is an outfit that is sure to turn heads as you strut in the room







Fancy Folds

Rubin Singer Fancy FoldsThere is nothing that adds a little more bounce in your step than the feeling of free movement in a skirt.  Rubin Singer capture the fun of the movement with this glamourous dress that goes from work time to play time in a snap.  The play look is shown with ease styled with a leather bolero, but it is still easily ready to rock the professional world.  Even with a more modest cut to the design the pattern and movement make a statement.





Fashion Houston gets schooled by Art Institute Students

AI De Martini Show (12)Now I do love education, but the truth of it is that there are very few choices for education where you come out knowing how to do exactly what it will take for you to start a career that will flourish.  Fashion is one of the things that you learn in school and actually can master your craft while you are in the process of learning.  Proof of this fact is evident in the outstanding showing from the Art Institute of Houston students at Fashion Houston.  From fun and sporty to chic and elegant these young designers definitely brought their A game and have me anxiously anticipating what they do next.

De MartiniAI De Martini Show (2)

Balancing the power of the clothes the woman is hard.  Yes beautiful clothes are a plus but if the clothes are wearing you and not vice versa then you have a problem.  The designer De Martini did a great job in creating balance with the pieces that allowed the woman to look comfortable and confident in a way that let her really shine on the runway.  AI De Martini Show (7)With her easy and fun pieces it highlighted that sexy is an attitude, not skintight clothing.  The finale was a great example of how excited in design can come with a bold color palette and silhouette accentuating shapes.

AI De Martini Show (13) AI De Martini Show (11) AI De Martini Show (10) AI De Martini Show (9)







228 by L. YatesAI 228 (5)

Just because its work does not it can’t be fashion fun.  228 by L. Yates added a little spice to work apparel in the selection of fabrics as well as pops of bold colors to some work power colors.  More fun was added in a great use of zippers.  Zippers are a great way to control the look and conservative nature of an outfit and the designs at 228 give a range of where you want to take the clothes to fit your personality and surroundings.AI 228 (1)AI 228 (2)AI 228 (3)AI 228 (4)AI 228 (6)








Inclan AI Inclan (1)

As a great counter to 228’s playful addition to work wear, Inclan took on the challenge of making sportswear chic.  The fashions were fun of familiar sportswear features like hoods and bold, fun colors, but the feel of the line was elevated.  AI Inclan (3) AI Inclan (2)By focusing on a streamlined cut and great pops of fun like colors and accessories the line proved you can indeed have your cake in style and eat it too.AI Inclan (7) AI Inclan (2) AI Inclan (1)








Relaxed fit does not have to just mean running errands and DAL proved that a clothes that relaxed do not have to mean sloppy.  The line was a great play on not just the color white but of textures that produce a flowing softness in the line.  Inside this softness there was a fair amount of balance of strength and boldness that speaks to today’s woman on the go. AI DAL (6) AI DAL (5) AI DAL (2)AI DAL (4) AI DAL (1) AI DAL (3)



My Fab Five at Fashion Houston

Houston Fashion Bloggers Group photoHouston Fashion week took flight on Tuesday setting off to claim our rightful place in fashion as the fourth largest city in America.  Fashion Weeks in cities like Miami and New York have become renowned not just for the fashion but for the production and glitz that makes the evenings not just about fashion, but about fun as well.  Over the four days of fashion week each show gives its own unique twist to compliment the showing designers of the night.   Tuesday night lights shone for me this week and I got to step into the glamor of fashion week.    Take a look at my favorite five things about my night at Fashion Houston.

Sax and DJ at Fashion houston5. Guest list: Grand events like Houston fashion week manages to be a beacon signal for the cities movers and shakers.  As people watching is one of my favorite things I love sitting back and see who is coming and what they are wearing.  Even more fun than that is watching the interaction people have with one another as they are all out dressed to impress and enjoy the artful fashion of the night.

4. Entertainment: Mixing a saxophone player with a DJ would seem foreign, but with eclectic mix of fun at Houston Fashion Week it blended seamlessly.  As you got this blend of live music and recorded beats as you walked through the doors the imagination could not help but to think what could be next??? The show did not disappoint with live performances in between different designers and a special performance by Houston Metropolitan Dance Company.

Red carpet fashion s3. Red Carpet:  What is not fun about putting on your best and hitting a red carpet?? Between the flashing lights and hot fashions there are few places I would rather be.  It is a great place not just to see some of the hottest fashion elite in Houston, but it’s a great way to feel like one yourself.

2. Fun with friends: Like a good bottle a wine, fashion shows are best when they are shared.  Having someone there to exchange notes and occasional jokes with is icing to the cake on the fun of a fashion show.  When the environment is set on fashion new friends become old ones pretty quickly as I wish I had a cam to catch some of the live reactions of the fun ladies surrounding me.

Rubin Singer Fashion Houston 2 Rubin Singer Fashion Houston 1 Art Institute Fashion Houston 2 Art Institute Fashion Houston 11. Fashions: Well this one is a no brainer.   I saw so many pieces that tempted me to run to the dressing room and try to grab.  What I love best about fashion shows is that it expands your palette for what is new and fresh and give you a taste of how you can use fashion to better set the tone for your personal style.  I saw too many pieces I loved to group it all in one post so stayed tuned for my break outs of the individual designer’s highlights.  Until then here is a sneak peak of my favorite fashion pics for Tuesday night.




Fashion love at first site with Danny Nguyen couture

Fashion Houston red carpetI always like to use fashion as an expression of not just my personal sense of style but as a peek inside who I am at a particular moment.  Every once in a while I run into a fashion piece that does exactly that, no translation needed.  At the Vox Culture fashion show I ran into myself preserved away in a dress and it was instant love at first sight.  As I am a pretty eclectic person Danny Nguyen couture presented a dress that can swaying across the runway that gave me a strong mix of elegance, edginess, class and crazy that describes the four corners of who I am.

Fashion Houston red carpet 2What initially cut my eye with the dress was the skirt.  I am a true maxi lover.  Something about seeing the silhouette without any skin is a smooth play between leaving it up to your imagination and also seeing enough curve to know that even though you can’t see everything, you still know the curves are there.  Add some pockets to that mix to give some great function to a sleek look and now you are cooking!  This long flared skirt still gave some fun with the movement the cut of the skirt delivered.  This fun element was also accented with the printed top.  By choosing a colorful print of a king to adorn the top it paired with the solid colored skirt.  To keep a dash of sexy in the mix, a wide cut out for the back added to the originality of the dress so just when you think you had it all figured out there was another cool element to see.  By adding additional accessory elements such as this mold gold plated belt and spiked studs the dress was visual puzzle that became more and more fun as you put take the individual pieces apart and then put them all together again.

Fashion Houston red carpet3With the perfect dress for me in hand I set out for the fun and fashion that is Fashion Houston.  By adding my own bit of flare with some dragon ear cuffs I walked in feeling sexy and unstoppable.  More than anything else clothes that make you feel that transform not just how you present yourself but also how other see you and isn’t that what fashion is all about?