It’s Electric – Havng fun with prints

IMG_0066When prints come up in fashion it can strike fear in the hearts of many.   When you hear prints you think busy patterns and colors that dominate the dress and can frequently wear you more effectively than you can wear it.  The good news, however, is that there have been a revolution of prints that give some great balance that highlights a piece that also has some really interesting visual design.  One of my favorite plays on prints are pictures that are printed on fabric.  With the right design and imagination they are able to take some beautiful pictures and find the just the right gathers and cuts that really pair well with the curves of a woman.  Best of all the deliberate choice in placement allows the designer to give some real balance between the business of the color and design of the picture with still being sleek and elegant.

With a photo shoot on deck I decided that a print was a great way to balance a serious look with some playful elements.  Because the goal was to be electric, a printed Alexander McQueen dress was a perfect fit.  The gradient print stars with a simple black start and gradually fades to a scene of lighting striking.  The lightning strike picture towards the bottom of the dress adds in some of the bold colors like purple and gray.  The best thing about the print is that even though it grows from subtle to bold, you still have the chance to be the star.   Because the entire dress is not busy I was able to still pair it with some dramatic eye makeup and sleek hair to give my version of business and pleasure.  Truly the best of both worlds!!!