Oprah Life You Want Weekend – Kick starting your Hero’s journey with Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert LYW 2No matter if the journey to the life you want is long or short, easy or torturous, one thing remains the same: it all begins with the first step. The step towards something new and different, however, can be scary and is often one of the hardest steps to make.  At the Life You Want Weekend the bestseller author of Eat, Love, Pray, Elizabeth Gilbert, shared some ways to kick off the hero’s journey that lives within all of us.  This personal quest that gets us from where we are to where we want to be is our own hero’s journey.  By taking a look at the truth’s in our own lives we can take the cues for that we are indeed ready for change.

Elizabeth Gilbert LYW 4Elizabeth Gilbert is known for documenting the journey of her personal transformation was a deeply intimate exposure of the challenges of change. This is because on the quest to become who we ought to be you have to stop being who you are.  This type of life transformation is so hard because the unknown is scary and uncertain.  Making each step into the darkness of change is so uncomfortable enough that it keeps many from taking on the journey.

Elizabeth Gilbert LYW 1To take on what the change feels like Elizabeth shared a story that has persisted in civilizations for centuries: The Hero’s Journey. From mythology to Batman, the hero’s story have been repeated in history as a way to capture the journey of transformation in ones lives.  As Elizabeth Gilbert walked through the steps of the journey it was easy to connect to how each phase has appeared in one’s life and face the truths as to how we responded.  Elizabeth Gilbert LYW 3Whether it was a slow whisper calling for change or a move to something new in our lives, or a long road of challenges, or the friend, enemies, and mentors we meet another way, once we decide to take on our personal quest we share a common thread to others all around, no matter how unique or story may be.  In knowing this story, the common thread that links the many stories of conquering fear and the unknown can give strength and motivation. Pulling from other’s hero’s journey give insight and a light in the unknown as in our most broken moments we all have divine assistance and inner power that is unimaginable at the beginning of the story.  The story for me was a great inspiration to start on my own path of seeing how God wants to use me in my life and to spark the courage that leads to change.