Day to Night Fashion: using the same focus for two different looks

one skirt two looksWith fashion finding the perfect outfit for an event is hard enough, but trying to do it twice in one day can feel like looking for a four leaf clover.  For me if there is a piece I really love about one part of my outfit, chances are that I am going to try to carry it to the next event too.  With a couple of easy changes in accessories or components you can redefine a look quickly and still get the perfect fit for two very different occasions.

Last weekend I was faced with two events in one day and the challenge was on to make the focus of my outfit, a colorful print skirt, work for two completely different events.  I started in the morning with my Art of Conversation brunch.  For the Art of Conversation events I always like to look responsible enough to be a host but fun enough that people actually want to listen to my input on the conversation.  To do so I decided to balance the colorful, playfulness of the skirt with a solid colored top.  I chose a lace blouse to get the job done, with the solid black color but still a fun lace pattern to balance and still add some edginess to the playful skirt.  To keep the look PG I added a camisole and to add a little spice and to lengthen my legs, I rounded off the look with some peep toe pony hairs Christian Louboutins. With a beautiful day and some great food at Davis St. Restaurant the event was a success and it was on to the next one.

For my night event I faced the challenge of repurposing the skirt I loved for an awards banquet for the Houston Black Real Estate Association.  My goal for the look of the evening was definitely not as lively.  In my opinion if you are not sure what the general attire is toning your look down is never a bad idea. So to balance the skirt I went with a solid print red shirt with an asymmetrical finish.  To deal with the night air I added some black net stockings and because I am still young and fun (at least in my mind) I finished the look with my black leather jacket.  Pulling up a full 13 hours after my day started I was happy to have transformed a look from day to night while keeping it sleek and comfortable all at the same time.