Closet confessions: Revisiting old fashion and making it something new

Making new finds in your old clothesThere is no bigger terror in the world of planning your daily fashion than being separated from some of your go-to attire.  I am living that nightmare right now as I have much of my closets packed up as I transition from one home to another.  The benefit of the move, however, is that you get to rediscover some pieces that may have store away and forgotten for a long time.  Revisiting favorites of the past remind you of the reasons the piece caught your eyes and can even bring back the old feelings that inspired the purchase in the first way.

This is especially the case when you buy items based on your own personal style instead of trends that come and go.  Clothes can be a great way to show the world who you are, your own personal style and give you the confidence to take on some of the world’s challenges.  When your purchases are made in this light this internal connection still comes through, with or without whatever trend is not at the top of the fashion season.  I recent dug deep into my closet and found a fun and flirty  Catherine Malandrino skirt and my mind was instantly filled with fashion memories of the past.  While finishing my MBA and living in Miami, I chose the skirt because of the ease of the flow and bright color palette.  As adult the colorfulness served as a great remind of my cousins bright spirit at the celebration of his life.  Even in its rediscovery I still love these same elements.  In catching the wave of the Houston summer heat I decided to wear the skirt as a dress to make the legs the spotlight and produce a simple yet attention grabbing outfit for a night out for fun.  As everything old becomes new again the skirt actually matches todays dress trends but more importantly it is still a great expression of my personal taste and personality.