Spreading your wings with cheap travel

Travel Cheaper Longer Smarter sign with a beachFrom trips to Abu Dhabi to Kenya there are a lot of exotic trips people all around me have had a chance to take advantage of with cheap travel deals.  Without doubt I believe that travel is one of the best ways to add some rich experiences to your life and to appreciate what you have, however small it seems, a little more.  With international flight specials popping up for as low as $300 to $400, a lot of the old excuses for why you have to wait to travel the world have disappeared.  So how do you jump on board and start to take advantage of some of these great flight specials?

Be prepared to travel in a party of 1 to 100

Sometimes waiting on people to join in on the fun can be the difference between catching a great deal and being stuck missing out.  It is always great to travel with friends so you are not alone, but when you are committed to checking some travel destinations off your list time may be of the essence.  Even with the best of intentions sometimes life happens and people’s plans to travel with you fall through.  If you are prepared to go alone or in a small group if necessary you can make a commitment a lot faster than waiting for everyone to sign on, sign up and pay their money.

Sign up for flight special notifications

It’s a lot easier if the deals are looking for you instead of vice versa.  Deals pop up when the airlines want to book seats, not necessarily when you are looking for the flights.  By signing up for some low price notifications on travel sites the best deals come to you and you can then match the deals that come to your time frames, budget, and preferences.

Separate your travel funds so they are ready to go when needed

Money is frequently the biggest travel issue.  Even when the fare price is low most of us have to deal with life demands on a daily basis, travel deals or not.  By pulling funds out in a separate account or having a credit card dedicated to travel you can be ready to book at the drop of a dime when you see something that catches your eye.

Be open minded

Amazing experiences are waiting in the most unexpected places.  We all have our top 5 or 10 destinations on our bucket list, but there is a great big world out there and adventure lies at every turn.   By being open to visit some unexpected places if the price is right you may discover some fantastic places you never imagined visiting.  Not to mention once you get close in many countries such as Europe or South America you may be able to find low price travel option like a train or boat to countries close by.  If nothing else with every travel destination you hit the travel bug gives you a little more incentive to continue to spread your wings.

Longer is not always better

It’s hard to spend a day or two traveling only for a weekend of fun.  Unfortunately some of the worst part of adult living is that you have to work with what you have.  Even in a shorter visit you can pack a big punch on the fun or adventure department by doing your homework, resting while in route, and being committed to keeping the party going.  Life is short and if you are always waiting on the ideal situation to do something new you may just let life pass you by.