Business Lunch to impress at Houston Club

IMG_0426Nestled at the height of downtown lies a great place to grab lunch, a drink, or impress a client.  The Houston Club has always been a great location, but with a recent renovation, it offers a phenomenal atmosphere for wining and dining in downtown Houston.  When it comes to business, frequently downtown is where the action is.  By stepping up to the 49th floor of One Shell you skip some of the crowded downtown destinations.  By choosing the Houston Club you can an unbeatable view of downtown combined with a delicious dining menu all in an environment that allows a relaxing conversation which is one the best business lunches are all about. IMG_0423

IMG_0424When I got a chance to visit the Houston Club for a lunch meeting, I expected what I experienced before at meetings in the location.  I was pleasantly surprised, however, that despite the formality of the location the mood in the dining area is sleek enough to be professional but comfortable enough to be conducive for real business transactions to happen.  It follows the cardinal rule of success in business; they must like you to do business with you.  You can easily miss the mark when you give the impression of being pretensions or stuffy instead of just being likable and approachable.

IMG_0425Another great way to ensure someone walks away with a good impression of you and the lunch is that they enjoyed their meal.  To answer the call in that department the food in the Houston Club is light enough to ensure you won’t need a nap afterwards but delicious enough to keep you wanting more.  Not to mention the finishing touch for me the small offerings of desert that don’t destroy your diet but satisfy the sweet tooth that for me is ever-present.  The Houston Club, with their great view and atmosphere, ensure all the work to get to the location is readily rewarded with your experience.


Fast with class – Business Lunch at Azuma Sushi

Business lunch at AzumaWhen you are in business for yourself business lunch is a necessity. It is a great way to meet with clients on terms where you do something that can easily be forgotten when it comes to making money… Working with clients you like.  No, liking your client does not take away from the idea that “business is business” but I always think hard work goes a little easier when there is actually someone you like on the other end.  Likewise for your client having a basic understanding of who you are as a person gives them some reassurances as to your work style that can cause havoc in the relationship when it is not present.

As business lunch is a staple for me I am always looking for fun new places that I can take clients to discuss and also not break the bank. Today my journey lead me to the Azuma Sushi on Kirby.  Sushi offers a lot of advantages for a business lunch by having a great hybrid mix of fast yet still classy.  The ambiance is a vibe of a polished restaurant while the prices for a bento box or sushi is right on the money.  The bento box at Azuma was not only a great presentation of a variety of foods, but the flavor was equally strong.  At the end I was full, but not lazy sleepy full, and the quick service and small bites made it easy to keep the conversation going throughout the meal.  Even as they stick to some bento box favorites like California rolls and tempura shrimp, they also threw in side dishes that are a little more exotic for the adventurer in the crew.

With fast service, good food and a great price what more can you ask for in the world of business lunch?


Elevate your business lunch at Mr. Peeples

Mr Peeples Business LunchBeing successful requires a lot of work and often burning the midnight oil, however, if you are not able to get new business and close deals your business is doomed for mediocrity.  Business lunches offer a great way to engage new clients and seal the deal with old ones in developing two fundamentals in selling your product or services to clients…Likeability and Trust.  People commit their resources to others they fell they can trust to do what they say and deliver a product or service appropriately and those they connect with and think they would enjoy working with.  If not why would they not explore their options elsewhere?  Over a good business lunch you are able to share not just why you think you are perfect for a job, but also showcase a bit of your own spirit and personality that connects with others emotions and gently persuades potential client that the search for the products or services is officially over.

Since opening Mr. Peeples has offered a step up on the sophistication level for a dining experience in Houston.  The chic décor paired with the amazing food offers a chance to really get lost in the ambiance and quality of the restaurant.  As they announced the expansion of this offering to a lunch environment it instantly screamed business lunch to me.  What better way to get someone in a buying mood then delicious offerings such as Lobster and Crab Tostadas, Filet Mignon Burger, Grilled Pork Chop and Chilean Sea Bass???  Not to mention they distinctive location really makes clients feel special and that you value their business enough to treat them to something special.  Business always goes a little easier when people are happy and relaxed and the cool vibrations and libations at Mr. Peeples work to do some of the foot work and take the load off showing just what makes your products or services unique.  If you have not been it is a must, from your walk in the door to the last bite of your desert you are sure to love the indulgent experience.