PHPB Book Club: “The Go-Giver” a great way to realign your success strategy

PHPB Book Club The Go GiverSometimes it pays to have super smart friends!  In mentioning I set off to read two books a month to help my self-development this year to a good friend and the challenges that came in keeping up with such a heavy reading schedule.  Luck for me she recommended her current read, “The Go Giver” by Bob Burg and John David Mann and how powerful the lessons of the book had been in her life.  After reading some pretty heavy, and lengthy books this year this was a welcome change of pace that delivered a really powerful message really succinctly.  It is the perfect book for someone looking for a new perspective on becoming prosperous but isn’t’ a big reader or wants to avoid some of the typical formulas of motivational book.

One of the most exciting components of the book for me was the format.  It is clear that the authors are true storytellers and accordingly they present five gems in their message using the story of a man that may read pretty familiar to many of those who pick up the book.  It is the story of a man who felt like a go-getter but feels like the returns of his work doesn’t mirror the effort and energy he puts into what he does.  In an effort to make a deadline and find a lead he instead finds himself of a journey of not just his business development, but the way he approaches his relationships by not looking at what he receives but instead looking at what he gives to measure his success.  His experiences challenges and then corrects the way he goes about winning in a way that not just benefits him but uplifts and benefits those around him.  No matter if your focus is on personal success or professional success, the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success multiply your return but also re-aligns your motivations so you are truly adding value to those around you.  Once you finish this easy ready I am sure that you will find a way the Laws of Value, Compensation, Influence, Authenticity, and Receptivity can help enrich your pursuits in life.

PHPB Book Club: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Review

Seven Habits of Highly Effective PeopleThe 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey has always struck my interest because in my world being able to do more with the amount of time I have is high on my priority list.  The book does give some clear instruction on structuring your life to find more time for the most important things, but the biggest and best surprise of the book was how it reframes how you look at life, starting with you and moving to impact the family, relationships, and businesses around you.  It is no wonder why this book is a classic as it empowers a way to think about the solutions of life instead of the problems that are sure to come.  Within the seven habits described of the book are practical examples as well as instructions on how to get started in actually appalling the habits to your own life.  As a basis covers the root of the problem and explores how it can be addressed through developing the habits focused on in the book

Paradigms: In this section you begin to rethink problems as external forces and internalize the role you play in seeing and fixing the problem.  Through the process of moving to a principle centered paradigm in which to see the world the shift can occur to change perceptions, ourselves and eventually situations.

Habit 1: Be Proactive – This habit focuses on how to take what is going on externally and processing what can be done internally that essentially makes you a proactive person.

Habit 2: Begin with the end in mind – As a kid I always cheated when it came to mazes and started at the exit.  Something about the process gave some clarity and seemed to make the path to get back to the beginning crystal clear.  Likewise in life we can start off heading towards a goal but get lost in the activity trap that leads to a dead end.  This step walks through the way to visualize the goal in mind and then creating a physical path to that goal.

Habit 3: Put First things First – This is the action component to the first two steps as you take a long look at why you are missing out on your effectiveness possibility.  By becoming more of a self-manager in planning roles, goals and scheduling you can adapt to the things that are really most important in your life on a daily basis.

Habit 4: Think Win/Win – This habit moves from the inside out wins and begins to impact those you interact with.  While the position between two people can vary with those who lose and those who win, this habit sets a definitive goal of win/win where both parties have a mutual benefit.  By building character, relationships, and agreements you can use this principle to springboard into relationships of tremendous synergy.

Habit 5: Seek first to understand, then to be understood – Instead of believing you have to put yourself first to win, this habit focuses on reaching goals of interdependence starting from others perspectives.  By learning to listen empathically you risk vulnerability but gain the ability to identify the needs of others and move them towards the steps to satisfy them which is true motivation.

Habit 6: Synergize – The truth is two heads are better than one and when you focus on synergy you get a result of parts that are unified and power unleashed so the whole is better.  By valuing the differences in others you can begin to build trust in the relationships and communications that open up creative possibilities.

Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw – As we see in the season, the world is made to renew itself, so why should we be any different.  The final habit builds all the other habits because it focuses on putting yourself in a constant process of renewal of your physical, mental, spiritual, and social/emotional components.  Allowing myself this “empower hour” every day to continue my development to be a better person has been one of the most rewarding gifts this book has to offer for me.

What I thought would be a book on how to fit more in a day turned out to be a book that unlocked possibilities on how to motivate myself and others to work smarter, not harder towards the goals I have for my life.  This book is a great one to shed insight on yourself and others and provides some real life instructions on the road to being the best you can be.

PHPB Book Club: The 48 Laws of Power

48 Laws of Power My first clue that I was on to a good read is that several people would stop me when they saw what I was reading to tell me how great of a book it was, at places from the courthouse to the park.  The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene is a guide to the delicate path required to attain power in relation to others around you.  I started reading this book fresh off a Napoleon Hill read and my first impression was the book was more on manipulation than inspiration.  In truth, however, the book’s guide to 48 laws of attaining power over others provides insight not only on your perspective, but on the tricks of the trade that others may be using or trying to use on you.  As I got further and further in the read I quickly began to pull out real life scenarios and pointers that would allow me to react calmer and anticipate better results as others behaviors swarmed around me.

Forty eight laws can be an overwhelming guideline to power, but the truth is every law is not for everybody.  The laws that apply to you not only depend on your personality and skill set but also that of the person you are interacting with.  You rely on different rules at different times and some may never apply to you but may give some pretty good insight on what others are plotting.  The book provides awareness that often in attaining power it is a chess match with your opponent.  The key to winning is not just your strategy but anticipated the moves they are going to play in order to ultimately be victorious.

What I enjoyed best about the book is how quickly you can began to use some of the Rules of Power in your own life.  Whether it is a difficult client or impossible boss, the examples in the book quickly come to mind when you are dealing with your own real life crisis.  Straight away from reading the book I began to look at how to approach others differently.  I understood better when to be quite when my natural reaction would have been to fight back or when to act clueless when I could see clearly.  The rules work because they first give you insight on yourself and then give you the motivation to apply in situations with others.  Not every rule was for me, but each one was an important piece in the struggle for power.  If the struggle is real and you want to better arm yourself to be a major player you cannot skip The 48 Laws of Power.



PHPB Book Club: Outwitting the Devil

The two sides of meFebruary I again set off on the road into my own self-improvement in my yearlong exploration into books meant to give me some perspective and empower my steps for the rest of 2015 and beyond.  First up in February was Outwiting the Devil by Napoleon Hill.

I choose Outwitting the Devil because I was such a big fan of Think and Grow Rich.  Outwitting the Devil acts as a guide when you are facing a fork in the road between defeat and victory and works as a great reminder of the forces at work all of around you and the part you can play in it.  By taking a look at the fork in the road from success to freedom the book details reasons why we fail and hopefully some skills in learning how to win.

As knowing is half the battle on the road to self-improvement these tips are helpful, however, what made me stop in my tracks is the theme of drifting.  A drifter is always pointing all around at the people, places, and events that prevented them from what they feel like they deserve.  When some of the examples hit a little too close to home I had to take a break and really examine myself.  Despite working hard and being driven there are times when I just let layback and rest on what I have done instead of what I intended to do in choosing the direction for my life.  From the times I play space cadet at my desk to the times I choose checking Instagram or playing Candy Crush instead of checking something off my to do list.  Like it or not that is drifting and good reason or not building those habits stand in the way of achieving goals

Luckily there is a way out of the drifting trap and it is not as impossible as one might think.  Choosing exactly what you want coupled with putting in the work to get it before you receive it is the universal heal all.  Once these habits replace those that let outside forces reign not only do you begin to see process with you but the world complies as well.  Outwitting the Devil definitely drew on the same foundation of Think and Grow Rich but in a sense tackled a much more personal struggle we all face to be the masters of our fate or let the storm around us be the deciding factor of our success.  I loved the balance encouraged by the book and its emphasis on the good forces that are out there for everyone to harness to find their success.

Stay tuned for 48 Laws of Power which takes on success in how you interact with others on the road of either your success of failure.



HYP Executive Book Club Meetings 2 and 3

Executive Book Club Week 2 and 3In week 2 and 3 of the Houston Young Professionals Executive Book Club, we continued our journey on the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.  The book is an extraordinary look into not just the mindset of people who are successful but also a guide to help you begin to tackle the challenges set up in your own mind that limit you reaching the level of success you desire.  The power of a book club is that it provides both the structure and the support to your commitment to read a book and as a result make some positive changes in your own live.  Over the past two classes in going through the book with the group I am constantly surprised at how strong our minds are.  I got a quick dose of the power that the mind has even before deciding to join the course.  As the class begins at 7 am, my initial interested was quickly muted by of all the reasons I could not go to the meetings.  My mind quickly filled with all the things I am currently juggling, questions on how to get my daughter to school, doubt that I could even successfully wake up and be people friendly that early.  These self-doubts almost prevented me from signing up.  The truth is, however, once you commit yourself to something you just have to have the persistence to endure the obstacles to get it done.  With my mind made up to sign up to the book club, I got a lesson before even picking up the book on the power of your mind in controlling your life and how you can make the decision to take the power back.

Over the past two classes we have tackled issues that it took the author 20 years to streamline and will take most of us a continual commitment through the rest of our lives to complete: determining our purpose and having the desire to commit to that purpose at all costs.  Of course there is no book on the world with an easy answer to these questions as they are personal to each of us.  The book does, however, provide the food for thought to help you drill down to what you want and how you need to get there.  It can be easy to read the book, or any inspirational book, and still not see and put to action those components you read about in your own life.  Within the structure of the Executive Book Club, however, you get another priceless gift as you share and grow within a group…accountability.  Personally I sometimes keep my goals and desires internal at a volume barely over a whisper.  When you have to share with others and support the through their feelings of doubt and discovery you learn to make those goals and desire more than just a whisper but a strong and confident affirmation.  In discovering the power of the mind and of my own desires I am reminded that there is always room to grow and learn and always time to get back on track.  If you have not checked out the book it is a must read to assist you in streamlining your own path to success.

HYP Executive Book Club Series Class 1

Think and Grow Rich seriesStaying on a path of personal development when you are striving to reach your goals is not optional, it’s a must.  Every day challenges pop up and can quickly wear you down if you are not putting the energy into building up your reservoir so you can quickly access the tools, strength and support that you need when you will need to persevere.  The Houston Executive Book Club presented me with the perfect opportunity to build up my skill set through the exploration of the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.  I originally heard of this book from a friend and I have never seen someone so excited to explore a book when he mentioned it.  He is not alone in his excitement as “Think and Grow Rich” is one of the most success books on personal development and success as it roadmaps the keys to success from some of the most successful business men and women of all time.

Although reading the book is part of the journey, I find the real benefit in the Executive Book Club Series the crew and captain that I am journeying with.   As I quickly learned in the book club series the leader, Peter Remington, has built a legacy of business and entrepreneurship in previous businesses and as the Chief Possibility Officer at Prepare4More and Publisher for Modern Luxury Magazine.  Peter is passionate in his desire to share the tips he has used himself with others to find and fulfill their purpose.  Having a teacher who practices what he preaches really gives you the inspiration to know you can tackle and defeat the roadblocks that stand in your way to your personal success.  The expertise in leading the group is unmistakable as he candidly share his morning routine in preparing to face each day.  His resolve to write down his intentions, what he is grateful for, how he would like the world to see him and what he wants to create every morning showed how rooted he was in making his dreams come true and inspiring other to do the same.  Just that quickly I was impressed and armed with a new tool in my own personal journey towards my dreams.

The importance of a great leader is matched only by the importance of a crew to go on the journey with.  In introductions it was amazing how many similarities I had in a room full of strangers.  Even without a common place in life or family life we all came in with an open mind and a goal of stepping to a level we had not reached by ourselves.  Finding a group of like-minded individuals who are ready and willing to learn new things and share their own experiences is invaluable and I am thrilled to see how I grown in this six week journey.

Find out more about the series and Houston Young Professionals Chamber of Commerce Here