Beating down the streets in Barcelona

barcelona-12On a weeklong Mediterranean cruise you run into a lot of cities that are beautiful or memorable, but if I had to choose one that was the perfect blend it would without doubt be Barcelona. With the city being easy to navigate, full of history, breathtakingly beautiful, with a plectra of fun family options and as a bonus filled with friendly people Barcelona was the highlight of my cruise stops.  With 3 days behind me on my tour I happily hopped off the boat for my half day tour and full day exploration of Barcelona.

barcelona-1 barcelona-4

There are almost too many great choices on tours for Barcelona. Unfortunately procrastination had me with only one so I left for a half day shopping and church tour. This would give me a tour of the city’s most famous church, but more importantly access to a local tour guide who could point me in the right direction of things that were in line with what I wanted to see while in Barcelona.  The first stop of the tour was Sagrada Faimilia.  This renowned masterpiece by Gaudi is a masterpiece containing chapels, crypts, a nativity façade, and still work that continues today.  It is definitely a memorable church in the European tour because of the meaning behind all of the design.  From the towers that represent the Gospels and life of Jesus to the facades that represents crucial portions of Christ’s life it is a great way to reflect on the marvels of architecture and the enormous belief behind each step of the church.


barcelona-6It is at this point that I realize that Barcelona is waaaayyy to amazing just to dedicate one day to! From our tour bus I saw so many places that begged me to come for a visit.  Unfortunately the tour was over and upon the drop off at our shopping location the tour guide gave me some suggestions and I went on my way!  barcelona-5 barcelona-13 barcelona-11 barcelona-7From the Gothic Quarter you are in a perfect location to explore.  As off the beaten path is the usually the way for me I started away from Las Rambas and discovered the alleys of shops and restaurants in the Gothic quarter.  It is a mix of architecture and design that walks you back in time while still throwing in some very modern conveniences.  The people of the city are incredibly friendly and I often stopped and talked and shopped and of course ate and loved every second of it.  The parks and museums along the way were just icing on the cake in a city I felt right at home in.

barcelona-2 barcelona-8As I strolled back down Las Ramblas heading back towards the boat I still wanted more of Barcelona.  This is definitely a city I could live in and a highlight on my cruise itinerary.