Fast with class – Business Lunch at Azuma Sushi

Business lunch at AzumaWhen you are in business for yourself business lunch is a necessity. It is a great way to meet with clients on terms where you do something that can easily be forgotten when it comes to making money… Working with clients you like.  No, liking your client does not take away from the idea that “business is business” but I always think hard work goes a little easier when there is actually someone you like on the other end.  Likewise for your client having a basic understanding of who you are as a person gives them some reassurances as to your work style that can cause havoc in the relationship when it is not present.

As business lunch is a staple for me I am always looking for fun new places that I can take clients to discuss and also not break the bank. Today my journey lead me to the Azuma Sushi on Kirby.  Sushi offers a lot of advantages for a business lunch by having a great hybrid mix of fast yet still classy.  The ambiance is a vibe of a polished restaurant while the prices for a bento box or sushi is right on the money.  The bento box at Azuma was not only a great presentation of a variety of foods, but the flavor was equally strong.  At the end I was full, but not lazy sleepy full, and the quick service and small bites made it easy to keep the conversation going throughout the meal.  Even as they stick to some bento box favorites like California rolls and tempura shrimp, they also threw in side dishes that are a little more exotic for the adventurer in the crew.

With fast service, good food and a great price what more can you ask for in the world of business lunch?