Changing up a look with a jacket dress

Jacket dress Jackets are a winner on the warmth department, but some jackets can end up looking big and bulky instead of streamlined and stylish.  In the winter time warmth is my primary goal, followed by a close second of being stylish.Some of my favorite go to jackets are ones that can happily marrying both warmth and style.  Few styles jacket do it better than the jacket dress.

The trick of the jacket dress is the illusion it provides of a dress.  Usually done by cinching the waist or adding folds or gathers at the bottom, the jacket gives structure as well as style and does both while still highlighting a feminine profile.  You can also add on to the warmth option by layering what you have on under the jacket, and because the jacket is working as a cover all it still can be done with panache.

My go to in the jacket dress department is an urban play on the look by Armani.  The jacket is threaded with a silver overlay making it blend easily with a range of color palettes, from grey to black and even navy.  The jacket top provides a strength from the colorless button closure and structured shoulder.  The waist comes in close to highlight a woman’s curve even in the structure of a jacket.  The final feminine flair is thrown in as the waist expands out to a skirt like finish at the bottom.  Not only is it femine and warm it gives perfect coverage to quickly dress up a pretty casual outfit of jeans and a t-shirt.  It can be dressed up or dressed down effortlessly and is the best of both worlds in the jacket department.