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New Year’s Resolutions often focus on all the things you want to change or achieve and getting in shape is often high on the list of goals.  Starting the year off good is one thing, but is a whole different monster to try to find a workable exercise plan that fits in your lifestyle.  Exploring several options to find out the one that works for you is important to get the sustainability that ensures your New Year’s resolution doesn’t become last year’s regret.  Let’s look at one of the most practical and cost effective options, a home workout created by Beachbody: T25.

T25 is the new video series from Shawn T.  If you like Insanity it is all of the work out and at 30% to 50% of the time.  To start, I absolutely love Insanity.  I first purchased the set to prepare for my 30th birthday celebration and by following along with series I definitely got right for Carnival. Over the years I have continued to use the video because with a full time job, attending law school at night, and a daughter there is not a lot of time for the gym.  But three years into the process some of the videos have become routine and I am hungry for a new challenge.

The new series T25 is still a hardcore cardio workout, but adds some variation that differ from the Insanity.  The videos range from Cardio to lower body work outs to abs to stretching.  In order to condense the time the 10 minute warm up that opened the Insanity videos is gone.  Instead the video gets straight to business.  The workout is still energetic but the real winner to me is the time.  I never have a lot of time and I usually try to fit my video in early morning before work.  Trimming off some of the time makes the addition to my daily schedule a lot more feasible.  Additionally the time frame is consistent for all videos.  Unlike Insanity that had one month of 40 minute videos and one month of 60 minute vides, all the videos are twenty five minutes.  Although it’s a daily commitment the mix of cardio and some strength training ensures with some dedication you will see some pretty quick results.

All in all T25 is a very approachable video.  Another upgrade from the Insanity video is the alternative lower impact workout shown side by side with the more advanced work out.  By not feeling like you killed yourself after the first video you are likely much likely to come back and work at your own speed to complete the challenge.  Following the schedule initially quickly gets you in a grove and some strong results and then you can customize your work out frequency throughout the week to meet your schedule and goals.

Photo Courtesy of Beach Body

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