Sweater Weather


In Houston the times you have to bring out your real winter gear is pretty limited.  That means when the temperature drops it is time to get it in on some fashion favorites that spend the year collecting dust.  My favorite fashion combo in these periods are the boots and scarf.  Boots are a fashion must for me year round but when it is cold I get to bring out ones with details that are often inappropriate in regular Houston weather, like fur lining.  Although I originally purchased these boots to go with my Halloween costume as Cheetara they are both a great spin on a classic knee boot but also do a great job at warming your lower leg.  These are great benefits and allow you to keep your options open for leggings, jeans or even a skirt and tights when the weather dips.

Scarfs are all the rage now but you once the weather dips you can let them honor their true purpose in keeping areas like your neck and chest that may be open away from the cold. It is also a great way to add some punch to a monotonous outfit selection.  I am pretty beige today as I wanted the focus to be on the fabulous boots and scarf that I choose for accessories.  Thick warm scarfs can also serve dual purposes as you have enough length to wrap in several ways including around your head and neck.  The cold in a warmer climate location is a great chance to break out some old gear, despite the cold weather.

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