Sunday Brunch at Weights and Measures

IMG_0454What better way on a beautiful Sunday in Midtown Houston, to kick off your R & R than a great brunch? Ask and you shall receive when you head over to Caroline St. and visit Weights and Measures.  This new restaurant combines an eclectic kitchen, with a vibrant bar, and a bakeshop to deliver on the hard to attain claim to fame something for everyone.

IMG_0455 IMG_0443As usual I was a little backwards and ended up coming in through the back patio.  Although this confusion did not deliver me to the hostess, it did let me make instant contact with the bar.  Filled with fun bartenders and eclectic recipes this restaurant pours up more than great drinks, they are giving fun in a bottle.  First with the Smallest Room and then with their take on the Bellini you can quickly tell their attention to detail and passion for mixology.  The Smallest Room takes bourbon for a spin by adding their own maple favoring while the Bellini gives the traditional Bellini flavor in a fun new twist that is more like a Bellini snow cone.  Amanda and the other bar staff take the drinks way more serious than they take themselves, making the drinks and the mood light and easy.

Once we took our seats outside we were able to enjoy the beautiful day and prepare our stomachs for the feast demanded of us.  To help smooth our stomach pain while we waited we received an assortment of freshly baked bread with butter and jam.  Honestly it was so good it could have been my meal.  For the main course, while my friends went with some of their egg sandwich variations I opted for something new and tried their Donuts and Fried Chicken. The egg sandwiches were the winners in this rounded each delivering on the delicate balance of toasted bread, smoky bacon, and fried eggs.  By adding mushrooms or house made sauces to the different sandwiches the taste packed entirely different punches despite being built on the same foundation.

IMG_0448 IMG_0447Once the food is devoured and drinks are a wrap you still can walk out with your head held high of avoiding gluttony by taking your desert to go.  My friend walked in and immediately tempted me with her sighting of cookies “as big as her head”.  Fresh backed baked goods are always a favorite for me and with tastes as good as these the restaurant will have you peaking your head in during the week too to grab your favorites.  With a great mix of eclectic fun and soul Weights and Measures is a great way to step out of the ordinary in Midtown Houston eateries.



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