Style Preview with Mercedes Benz and Project Runway

JL 14Mercedes Benz of Sugar Land Fashion Show and Cocktail Event brought together some of the best in fashion for now and fashion for the future while celebrating some great causes with a brand that is renowned for being the essence of luxury.   The most fashionable trends that are in for the summer and some equally fabulous looks we can look forward to in upcoming seasons shined in a fierce runway show and chic party ambiance last Thursday.  The spotlight on fashion for the night ran the gambit from fun and flirty to winter sleek to formal elegance as Tootsies and Justin LeBlanc showcased some breathtaking fashion.

Tootsies 6 Tootsies 5 Tootsies 4 Tootsies 3 Tootsies 2Tootsies kicked off the show with some of the Texans Cheerleadersmemorable fashions for summer.  With summer heat upon us the clothes turned it up a notch as Houston Texans Cheerleaders modeled the Tootsie’s showcase.  The looks of summer always bring bright colors and figure flattering silhouettes to ensure you are getting the most out of your time in the sun.  The bold and bright colors and prints are combined with equally fun design features like cut outs and crop tops.  The result is a double hitter that ensures the presses stop when you walk in the door and also allow a range of body types to find a perfect fit in the stylings.

Piquette DressThe runway show continued with a peak into the Winter Collection for Project Runway Finalist Justin LeBlanc.  The show began in an awe inspiring showing of the Pipette Tip gown he designed for his Bryant Park showing on Project Runway.  The dress, which was meant to recreate Justin’s favorite sound of rain falling, emerges as the signature expression of his transition from deafness to sound and as a showcase of his skill and creativity.  As the model slowly glided down the runway you had a real chance to appreciate the craftsmanship and innovation that took Justin so far in the competition as you share in his experience of the sound of rain created by the dress.

Me and Justin Le BlancThe collection that followed tapped into Justin’s inspiration of “embracing love without boundaries”.  JL 10Each piece carried with it a nod to this inspiration with notes from his fan base sharing their experience in love inscribed on many of the pieces.  In speaking with Justin you get a sense of the wonder, good fortune, and talent that took him from deafness to hearing and from architecture into fashion design.  JL 8 JL 7 JL 6 JL 5 JL 4 JL 3 JL 9The winter designs showcased a new fresh new take on sweaters and jackets by combining some of the cutouts that have dominated this season’s runway.  In design and in life Justin’s designs are a true model of how your passion can become your purpose.

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