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Preparing a list of things you want to do and experience before you die does not mean you have to wait until you’re on death’s doorsteps to start knocking things off of the list.  Life is meant to be savored and making sure you enjoy those experiences you crave along the way prevents a long list of regrets as you look back on what you have accomplished in life.  As it is the beginning of the year and you are busy setting all the things you want to achieve, don’t forget about the things you want to accomplish in the long term too.  Having a running tab on your bucket list helps transform those high hopes to a daily inspiration to the major milestones you want to accomplish in life.

I don’t think it’s ever too early to start on your bucket list.  When I saw my thirtieth birthday approaching I decided to knock a big one off my list and head to carnival in Rio.  As a child my mom loved the movie “Black Orpheus” and I fell in love with the music, people and dancing.  This muse as a child developed into a quintessential idea that landed visiting Rio at the top of my bucket list.  The beauty of actively working on knocking these things off your list throughout your life is that it makes room for more.  The rich experiences you can gain from actively attacking your bucket list can expand your perspective, give you a new passion in life and wake up the hunger to experience more.

What, perhaps, is one of the most important things about actively working on your bucket list is it awakens your imagination.  Maybe what is on your list is a dream from childhood or a passion in life that seems impossible.  Taking the time of thinking of things, even seemingly impossible ones, that you want to do keeping the dreamer in you alive.  Unfortunately with a busy life it is easy to defer some dreams for the sake of our careers or kids or finances or just the struggles of life.  The reminder of the things we dream of arouses the belief that those things don’t have to wait until you are about to kick the bucket.  Being inspired to do something crazy or difficult or incredible keeps you open to the fact that these goals may be actively accomplished by someone, somewhere so why not you?????

Carpe Diem!  Make a list of ten things you want to do before you die and keep it somewhere that you can continue to add to the list and scratch off the things you accomplish along the way.

So what’s on your bucket list and which one of those things are going to happen in 2014????

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