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[slideshow_deploy id=’175′]After my law school graduation the first thing on my mind was my trip to Miami.  After four long years of law classes at night it seemed like a fitting reward.  My last visit in Miami I stayed at the hotel next to the SLS Hotel and every day at the pool I heard the music and saw the party vibe at the hotel.  Without question I knew the SLS had my vote for hotel my next trip to Miami.  As one of the newest hotels on South Beach it has a fun but sophisticated swagger that fit the vibe I was looking for in relaxing before bar study began.  The best feature of this hotel, which quickly pushed any other glitches we encountered quickly out of our minds, is the people.  At almost every stop I encountered a welcoming staff that always went above and beyond to make the experience an unforgettable one.   Whether it was Gustavo and Ricky at the beach or the fun and accommodating staff at the pool everyone there was working while having fun.  As a guest in a hotel, if the staff is having a great time, who are you to deny the vibe???

At first sight the hotel offers a modern view of the Miami lifestyle with the beautiful Bar Centro welcoming you in.  Every step seems to tell a story as you take in the Spanish theme throughout the lobby.  As you move closer and closer to the pool you pass the open kitchen that kicks your taste buds into gear even if you did not know you were hungry.  Then on to Bazaar where the outside dinning allows you to take in the incredible view of the pool and remind you the vacation has officially begun.  If you stop at the bar you have to ask for the Strawberry Lemonade Rum Punch.  The refreshing favor complements the rum, which is always a vacation favorite for me.  Now it may have just been a specialty from the awesome bartender who served me but it was too delicious for words.  In adding a pinch of mint the bartender became a genius in my eyes and the combo kept me coming back for more.

As you finish your walk down the hotel corridor you reach Hyde Beach.  In both night and day environment this space elicits all the coolest kids, sometimes on their baddest behavior.  This is the epitome of what you should do when in Miami on vacation: enjoy food, drinks, sun with a splash of turn up just because no one really knows who you are.  At night the same vibe carries on and to be honest it would take me three months at home to dance as much as I did in one night at Hyde.  Whether your goal is to lay back and watch or get in on the action Hyde is a highlight on the normal South Beach scene.

This is not to say that there were not some hiccups.  As with almost any South Beach hotel the rooms are a little small.  My opinion is likely swayed by my bigger is better mentality as a Texas.  The rooms are beautifully decorated and let’s face it, if you came to South Beach to sit in the room you have way bigger problems.

So to round off my experience of the best at the SLS I have to give the number two spot to food of course!  I have been to Katsuya in the SLS before and it was an interesting experience.  Given I am a fan of the awesome sous chef, I decided to try the restaurant again.  The crowning moment came as my sweet tooth took the wheel and I decided to try out some desert.  GREAT DECISION!!! Now sushi and donuts do not sound like a likely pairing, but the donuts here are phenomenal and give Krispy Kreme a run for its money.  They are served hot with an orange glaze and it had all the nonbelievers at my table jealous.  Warm, soft, sweet, citrus donuts can change almost any smile into a frown and has my mouth watering just with the memory.

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